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Must Be The Money: Top 10 Frivolous Rap Lawsuits


Meek Mill

8. Meek Mill Sues the Philadelphia Police Department

Meek Mill is one of those annoying people that refuses to use his inside voice, and refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions (this combination is sure to result in nothing but success for all involved…). Case in point: the time that the MMG rapper sued the Philadelphia Police Department for racism. In 2012, Meek Mill was arrested & jailed for 9 hours while the police searched his car for drugs. No drugs were found, but the arrest caused the rapper to miss performing at a show in Atlanta. Naturally, Meek blamed “racism”, and not the fact that nearly all of his songs reference dealing drugs — both in the past and in the present — for the suspicion. The jury in the case voted, unanimously, that Meek’s Fourth Amendment rights were not violated, and dismissed the Federal lawsuit outright. Meek’s response? “I quit everything, except for music. They ain’t where I’m from, I don’t really expect them to understand.” Fight the power, Meek, you rebel, you!

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  • Johnny Cockran

    The real “Freeway Ricky Ross” had a legitimate lawsuit against a former corrections officer for stealing his entire indentity, life style, life story and real name. This is fraud to the tenth degree in any level. This self proclaimed “boss” is as fake as a three dolla’ bill! Frivolous lawsuit? Think again HHW!