Bernadette Giacomazzo

Must Be The Money: Top 10 Frivolous Rap Lawsuits


4. R. Kelly Sues Jay-Z

Technically, Solange is Jigga’s 101st problem — R. Kelly was his 100th problem. We don’t know who proposed this “dynamic duo” to go on tour in the first place (he or she was probably smoking crack), but needless to say, the failed “Best of Both Worlds” tour saw the “Trapped in the Closet” singer suing the “Big Pimpin'” rapper for an eye-popping $75 million. The lawsuit was settled for chump change, and Hov rapped about it in the remix of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” (“You’re wasting your time tryin’ to sue S dot. Tell your lawyers take that civil case and drop it like it’s hot.”)

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  • Johnny Cockran

    The real “Freeway Ricky Ross” had a legitimate lawsuit against a former corrections officer for stealing his entire indentity, life style, life story and real name. This is fraud to the tenth degree in any level. This self proclaimed “boss” is as fake as a three dolla’ bill! Frivolous lawsuit? Think again HHW!