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Man Charged With Beating 4-Year-Old To Death For Wetting Pants


A Michigan man is facing life in prison after police say he beat his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son to death for wetting his pants.

24-year-old Brandon Hayes could spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole for the death of  little Dominick Calhoun.

Police say the young boy had been tortured by Hayes for a weekend after he wet his pants sitting on the couch.
Hayes reportedly became so enraged that he tortured the child; burning his knuckles, knocking out his teeth and beating him until his skull was crushed.

Prosecutors also say he began “pummeling him with fists and kicking him on his arms, legs and genitalia.”

The boy’s mother Corrin Baker says she tried to save her son but was attacked by Hayes.

A battered and bruised Baker told reporters,

“My baby’s gone, and I wish it was me.”

Doctors at a local hospital report that the boy was the worst beating victim they’d ever seen.

4-year-old Dominick Calhoun

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  • Monique

    I am so sick of these women allowing these men to beat on they kids! Her AZZ needs to be locked up as well! Sleep with the angels now, GOD have you.

    • Jay

      The only way that this makes sense is if the mother was knocked unconscious. There is just no other way for her to explain why she let this happen.

  • Patricia

    Corrin Baker is the worst…what is she paralyzed or mentally retarded? As a parent I would not be alive to tell the story of how anyone salvagely beat my son to death. I would have died with him because I would have been scratching and clawing to save my child’s life. There is no way in hell I would have sat by and let it happened. This woman should be given the death penalty. She should be inflicted with the same pain her son did. Now I must pray for forgiveness for judging her but wow, what was she thinking?

  • Tiffany1057

    Lost for words, I’m so tired of these men beating innocent children. I wish anybody would raise a hand to my child. A mother will protect her baby cub!!! No excuses!!

  • JROck

    I agree – he would have had to beat me to death before he killed my son.

  • OreoBarbie

    wats wronge wit dese pplz all she had 2 iz leave da man and call da cops on him R.I.P LIL ONE both shud b in jail da man 4 beatin and killen 4yr old and da lady 4 letten da man beat and kill ha son

    • ladyluckdc

      What language are you typing in? I had to re-read your comment 3 times to fully understand it.

  • Wow! What a handsome lil boy. I’m sorry you tried to save him yeah right. That muthaf@cker would have not been able to get up after I kick his a$$ and I’m a woman. That is why I’m single right now. Not saying there is no good man but you got to be careful of who you let around your child.

  • Kearah

    Another child lost to bulls**t. I really can’t understand what this mother means when she said she tried to save her son. Uhmm I’m sorry but I would have done everything in my power to MURDER that worthless bastard there is no way in hell he would have killed my child.

  • D

    just sickening! Learn to spell and use proper grammar OreoBarbie! It’s just as sickening!

  • Massey

    My heart goes out to this family. I can’t imagine what this mother is going through if you are a parent you can sympathize with her! If you weren’t there when this crime took place why make comments such as “I am so sick of these women allowing these men to beat on they kids! Her AZZ needs to be locked up as well!” You don’t know the whole story, he might have been okay with the kid while she was around that day and maybe she had to go to work and while at work he did this to her child! How would you feel if this was your child and your situation? People need to put themselves in other people’s shoes before they go and make senseless comments like that! No parent deserves to lose a child! To this mother and family you are all in my prayers!

    • Patricia

      “The boy’s mother Corrin Baker says she tried to save her son but was attacked by Hayes.A battered and bruised Baker told reporters,”

      I cut and paste that for you m*******y. The article stated that she tried to save him but was attacked herself. So that implies that she tried but when she was in pain she retreated and allowed the beating of her son to continue. I am a parent and as a parent I AM APPALLED. You must be a relative and know details that the rest of us are not aware of. Who else could defend this act but a relative or close friend.

  • currvalicious

    All she had to do was call the cops. If the baby was being tortured for an entire weekend. She couldn’t find a way to scream for help or sneak a call to 911. Also, he was probably the disciplinarian w/this child anyways. These stupid women are always allowing the men entering their lives to step in & “play daddy” b/c they think its cute. When all the while these men r harboring ill will towards these kids & don’t have any connections to them @ all. She should fry as well..scumbags!!!

  • TxT

    Very sad story. He is psycho.

  • a four year old against a twenty four year old? come on dude. wtf? i hope the guys in prison take control of his body and torture him..

  • alabama

    they should lynch him

  • kim

    this is so sad i would of done everything n my power to not let this man do no harm to my son no brandon would of bn the one who wuz dead not my son i dont c how women these days can let these guys step in trying to pretend to play the good step daddy when all along the and/or molesting the children or beating them which he wouldnt of gotten a chance to do neither cuz i dont put my kids n situations to gt that done to

  • This man needs to be put away for what he did that lil boi was cute to cute for his teeth to be knocked out and his skull crushed this man is sick and needs his head crushed and his teeth knocked out for me

  • sherrie cannon


  • K&l

    im in tears rite now

  • I can’t believe how inhumane people are today. Little kids have accidents all the time… and parents get frustrated all the time… But this is way out of line. I can understand a little spanking or something, but bashing in the child’s skull? WTF?!

    I feel bad for the mother, though if she was there, she should have tried harder to save her son. However, the article suggests that the man was abusive to her too, and who knows how long they were together? After awhile, some women in abusive relationships feel ultimately powerless and don’t believe they can get out of the relationship or worse, feel that this is how the relationship is supposed to be. It’s messed up, but it’s the truth.

    Poor little child. At least he’s in a better place now.

    Where the heck were the neighbors when this was going on?! Someone should have heard his screams.

    That guy will pay for his actions over and over again. Karma’s a beeeeyatch.

  • Patricia

    We should not label step parents as all evil. Many people are raised with step parents that love them more than their biological parents. My step father was awesome. He taught me things that my father would not. Lets color men, men and psychos psycho. Dont label all men who are willing to be step parents bad. Just be sure what you have before you trust your prize possessions with them…look to God for guidance.

  • hairforhairloss

    This is a email that was sent to me in regards to the article. I had asked the public what they had thought about this: I was completely distraught at the email that was sent to me below: Please send back comments to me on this woman that is in Orange County, CA and owns a wig shop that works with Alopecia and Cancer Patients selling them Wigs. It really makes me sad. Read Below:


    I think that there are times I want to beat my clients to death when they wine because of their cancer. Or sometimes They dont like their wigs. I have a hair replacement center in Newport Beach, CA and their are so many times I really want to get violent with my customers when they cry and whine that they are not happy with the wigs I sold them..I work hard at selling them and go back and forth with China to have them made and I dont deserve the treatment. So I can understand why the kid was shut up.

    Nazy from Newport Hair Loss Center in Newport Beach, Orange County CA

    • Dylan_Alexs_Mommy

      To Nazy your post is completely irrelevant to this tragic topic and your comment “So I can understand why the kid was shut up. ” is completely unnecessary! There is no excuse or reason that a child or ANYONE be subjected to the torture that Dominick endured and NO ONE should be making jokes because an innocent life was taken too soon! R.I.P Dominick!

    • vaidella1

      Nazy from the hair loss place, r u serious? i don’t think so. just wanted to get in on the conversation huh? cause u sound like a real A$$. i hope u never sell another wig u idiot. God bless this child and yes his momma too.

  • Zaid

    This ish pisses me off sooooo bad. There is so many things wrong with this! This story made the news because the child died. I bet there are other poor children experiencing this kind of terrible stuff from their monster parents. Instead of tracking down drugs and immigrants, cops should be on the look out for these kinds of pieces of ish.

  • I really hope he’ll get the punishment he deserves and will not walk away from it..

  • this is the very sad bad news,this time rite now too much feel

  • Chime

    I got something to say but Ima withold my stupid comment fir the sake of common sense. Unlike others….

  • Lita

    This is again another story of a woman’s boyfriend killing a child. These women need to get their s**t together. Stop worrying about having a man and concentrate on your children.

  • Just_Sayn

    When are these dumb A$$ so called mothers gonna stop leaving there children on there boyfriends. I have a cousin whose had numerous boyfriends in and out of her children’s lives,and each one, shes left to babysit her children,so she can work her day job then go strip at the club at night. Men don’t have the patience as women when it comes to dealing with children,
    they sometimes get agitated,as a woman you should already know that. Why would a mother leave her child with a man who isn’t his father? If i was a guard ,i would set all the child beaters/molesters, be beaten and raped till there A$$ was hanging out,I would gladly pay to have it done.

  • ladyluckdc

    I do not believe this man should go to jail; he should be stoned to death. I do not want to think about my tax dollars taking care of him for the next 60+ years. He just does not deserve a chance to be “rehabilitated”. Any animal that could do this to a child is a loss cause.

    I agree, with all those who say the mother should go to jail. Unless she was knocked unconscious during the entire ordeal, she did not do enough to save her child. If she could not fight him off what happened to calling the police, or going to get help??? “Real” mothers protect their young at all cost, she failed her child.

    This just makes me sick to my stomach, when will people realize you can’t bring any and everyone around your children??? Your children DO NOT have to date all the people you decide to deal with. GROW UP AND THINK LIKE A PARENT AND NOT LIKE A SELFISH CHILD.

  • Ang

    Im sorry but i would have to die tryin to protect my child but i wouldnt stop tryin till my last breath she had a week to get help for him or get them out of there thats just so very sad and shes damn right it should have been her…

  • Ang

    Correction a weekend not a week but point is she still had time to get him out of there

  • Gavin’s mom

    This man should be put to death immediately. I do not want to pay $3 day for the water to brush his teeth and flush his toilet. Put him in a cell handcuffed to a dirty couch and let him sit in his own pee for weeks then throw him into general population and let him die for it. This mother is white trash too. How does someone kill your child in front of you without killing you first? If this woman has any other kids they should be taken away and she should be “fixed”. This story will give me nightmares for weeks. That poor poor beautiful child…

  • kennboy1



  • Shellfish789

    He should be giving the death chair….but while he IS in jail….the prisoners WILL take care of him…..prisoners do not like people messing with Children……the child’s mother is a looser too….it’s no way I will let someone beat my child……..I would be in jail now from Whipping his A$$……..Women, PLEASE STOP leaving your kids with MEN….especially MEN who are not the father of your kids…..they are jealous of the love you have for your kid and plus they are not the father…….PLEASE WAKE UP …….Don’t even leave you kids sometimes with the father if he displays jealousy …….

  • tresa

    really !!!! how can the neighbors live with them selfs ? hearing a little boys crys , finding out the death hope they have night mares . and then the mother ! give me a break she needs death as well i dont want to pay for her in prison . a mother throws a mattress on her three children so tornado dont kill them and she is killed yet this rotton sob couldnt help little man !! WHY we should leave them 2 years in prison then put them to the same way they killed him . eye for and eye !!!!!!!!!! you get what you give !!!!! maybe they need to talk to big brother and see what more things them poor kids went through . may he get a second chance to be loved and taken care of .

  • I am backing my ex wife Nazy and you all better leave her alone or I will sue you all!!!! She does what she wants , when she wants and says what she wants when she wants to! She has hair loss and has had cancer and works with women. So If she has to say something then she means it and has a reason. So people if the kid deserved it then that is so! DEAL WITH IT!

  • b butler

    Its sick the sentences handed down for these children are not harsh enough , 5month old od on herion, mother gets 30 days in jail, these children cant depend themselves. Life in prison why? death sentence sounds good.I dont want to take care of him with my tax dollars. Yes the prisoners will deal with him , but after while hell start liking it. seeing that hes a A-hole . Give him the death sentence he gave the little boy.

  • Yet again, more proof that this world is headed to hell in a hand-basket.
    Know Christ, Know Peace.
    No Christ, No Peace.

  • Debbie

    I could not wrap my head around that at all. what was his family life like? He will get his. he will be going 2 a place where he will be reminded of this every day of his Sorry life. My heart goes out 2 the child & his family.

  • esora

    The mother needs to be locked up right along with her boyfriend. She has failed as being a protector for her baby. There is no way I would allow anyone to hurt my baby and be alive to tell the story. RIP to that precious baby.

  • jerjorju

    I would have picked up a piece of furniture and cracked this jerk’s skull. What I don’t understand is why didn’t the mother call the police.

  • megafly

    RIP little sweetheart. Many years ago, a man named J. Demery of Sacramento, Cali, over spanked my baby girl for wetting in her bed at 2 years old, and come to find out, he was molesting her.

  • jasmynne

    I am 12 years old and if I had been there, I personally would have grabbed a frying pan or something and smacked him upside the head a bunch of times until he was unconscious. Then I would have called the cops, called the mom, and called an ambulance. The mom should have tried harder and all but anyone who says the mom should als be punished is on some serious crack. she lost her son for crying out loud, isn’t that punishment enough?