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What We Know About Kanye West’s Next Album [PHOTOS]


While Kanye West gets ready to tie the knot with Kim Kardashian (this Saturday, May 24), swirling rumors of new music begin to make viral waves.

We’ve been wondering what exactly the album will be like ever since Kanye first announced his plan to release a 2014 studio project, back in November.

As a result of mere tidbits being disclosed about Yeezy’s upcoming full-length effort, we know where recording is taking place, who’s certainly on the production team, and who’s potentially playing on the compilation. More recently, however, we’ve been hipped to the album’s structure. Courtesy of Billboard, on the following pages you’ll find a compiled list of what we know so far about Mr. West’s highly anticipated forthcoming LP.

Photo: Uproxx/WENN

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  • Real Talk

    Hopefully it’s nothing like Yeezus!!!!!

  • FiFi London

    We know we are not going to buy it…if its anything like that song with Future…I can’t…thats a horrible collab and it gets soooooooo much airplay..wth??

    • Bambi

      Not where I live , THANK GOD!

  • i’m a fan

    If i get my way he’ll recreate graduation.

  • Getem1984

    This is what we know! I’m not buying it.

  • Drizzle

    F… Koonye, damn clown.

  • Bambi

    I can’t take Kanye Kardashian serious anymore, as much as I try.

  • ChiTown

    Sell out


    Kanye lost his artistic credibility to me…he still thinks he’s the sh it but he should read the blogs and comments…he’s been shoving himself down our throats with that wh ore for a whole year….if they left and never came back I wouldn’t care he’s lame af to me and his album will prolly be worse than yeezus

  • I’m just saying

    Unfortunately he knows he doesn’t have a core black audience anymore! I loves his music back in the day his first 2 albums. He think he got caught up in the hype and lost his luster and u know black folks don’t like you trying to be Hollywood too much! Enter puffy p ditty puff whatever. Only white kids will be buying his music they are the main consumer for this new rap music

  • AllShadeEverything

    Wassup with clicking all pages for 2 lines? Are y’all that thirsty for hits?

  • Nessa Fox

    Yeezus was garbage. Wouldn’t buy this new album even if it was any good. Doubt it though