Damon Richardson

Bangin Candy: Mercedes Morr Shows Ample Cakes [PHOTOS]



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  • smittyt

    Disgusting black again that’s all they’re good for is exploiting s*x they aren’t good for nothing else.

    • The truth

      Your wife loves black men.

    • Mars Sirius

      Go watch whyte sluts going wild!!!
      Hustle… Playboy… Are all full of whyte cave
      b! tc hes

    • beth

      You act if there are not woman of other races here exploiting their bodies.

  • Sherry

    These women with these big butts are starting to look disgusting.

    • The truth

      Your a hater that prolly looks like crap

      • Kai

        And you probably should get screened for HPV – throat and g e n i t a l s

  • Hip to the game

    Every is aware of the fake butts now. It’s not news.

  • guest

    She looks short and stumpy like a dwarf. Too many distracting tats. Meh…

  • You’renotme

    Another day another fake booty. All the shapes are the same. it is a real shame.

    • Kai

      They are all starting to look alike, unoriginal, lifeless, souless, robotic

  • Tim

    One biscuit short

  • DRUNK247

    Can we pliz have someone with a flat a zz for a change.Tired of cement

  • damn

  • okay i cant even lie, her body is nice especially in those jeans. wow!!

    • Tofutti Klein

      Her butt looks like a plump heart. It’s a little too big to be believably natural, and it looks like one side has been plumpled with more fat than the other in that pic with the jeans.

  • Kfierce

    eww super ghetto…nice butt thats about it.

  • Rocko Jones

    The biggest problem with the big booty trend thing these days is that many of these women with great bodies aren’t really that good looking in the face. The big booty obsession has even the ugliest of women feeling like they should take pictures and put them out there, and I beg to differ. Keep it to yourself until you can fix your face. SMFH.

  • Kai

    She is a w h o r e, and does it proudly and for a Living$$

    Nothing beautiful or attractive about that!

  • Kai

    She’s branded herself all over – sold completely out! Poisonous and toxic

  • ..thick af tho!