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Master P Skips Court, Loses Custody Of Kids


We’re going to assume that Master P isn’t a deadbeat dad. But nevertheless, the No Limit Records founder, rapper and mogul has lost custody of four of his kids. 

It seems that P lost his kids because he skipped out on court.

Reports TMZ:

Sonya Miller was just awarded sole physical and legal custody of 13-year-old Hercy, 9-year-old Mercy, 17-year-old Tytyana and 14-year-old Italy.

The divorce battle has become epic, with Sonya claiming she’s been left destitute even though the couple amassed a $200 million fortune. Master P claims he won’t enable his wife with money until she gets off drugs and booze.

Master P didn’t respond to Sonya’s legal docs, so Monday morning the judge came down on him with a vengeance.

Master P was required to pay Sonya’s $75K legal bill, which includes sanctions for not showing up.

Last we heard, P’s estranged wife was demanding $67 million. Considering all that money, we’re going to suggest P be more mindful of where he needs to be and on what day, moving forward.


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    Seems like he realized it’s very hard being a single parent. Extra hard for a single dad with four kids. So he just gave in. You have some evil people out there who were probably monitoring his every move calling and reporting him to CPA/CPS whichever one about his kids, who knows. Better to batter-bruise it and gwan bounce it with the children’s mother knowing she loves them. Maybe they talked about it and she’s ready to get clean or he realized that she was hurting badly due to the divorce and she tried to move on, but found out no one can replace the space he holds in her heart. This is a whole lot of maybes!

  • timewillheal

    This guy has cheated on his wife with several woman. He had children by other woman while married to her. I read that he was very abusive and had little respect, for his wife. It all a big joke, that he is saying his wife is on drugs. He doesn’t want to give her any of his money. She better have a very good lawyer to get anything from this guy.

    • Elizabeth

      Don’t believe everything you read and his wife is on drugs. He was trying to do the right thing by not enabling his children’s mother and he was taking care of his children while she was doing her thing. You’re hoping she has a good lawyer, what about the children???? What’s in their best interest?? The only side you should be rooting for is the children’s side.

  • j

    that’s what you get, moron. no matter what you had going on when you decided not to show up for court, apparently it was more important than the custody of your children. that’s what you get, pp

  • Tawnymarie

    After all that BS he was talking and this dude didn’t even bother to show up to court? I’m looking at P sideways now. Actions always speak louder than words.

  • CoolBreeze

    According to Master P, he was not aware of an appointed court date and was never served papers to appear in court.

  • T

    I just feel sorry for the kids who always get stuck in the middle and who never ask for all the fighting…sucks!

  • BamaChick256

    I just feel sorry for their names, poor kids…..Hercy? Why?

    • SuperJ

      Because Italy was already taken.

    • Susan Bratton

      So was Mercy and Cymphonique……….

  • bret

    What’s that say about Master P when the druggie and booze hound is seen as the more fit parent?

  • Robbie Ray

    What a loser. Another brotha with money who ain’t go it right!

  • frank lopez

    whats the use of making so much money then to deal with the misery of this life he now has??