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Producer Solar Addresses Claims of Writing Guru Letter; Gay Rumors [Video]


When the news broke that Guru has uttered his last breath, most were shocked to realize that Hip-Hop had lost a legend.

Some, however, have continued to point the finger of blame at producer Solar as there have been too many instances in which his credibility has been questioned.  The recent letter released as Guru’s last words has created a tailspin of controversy, with only Solar to answer.

[Check AFTER the jump for MUCH MORE on the ongoing issues since Guru’s passing]

Solar discusses with MTV his personal relationship with Guru and speaks on Gay rumors.

He breaks down Guru’s deteriorating health.

Solar’s relationship with the family of Guru and the “foundation” created.

This case has definitely been taken to new heights and it’s such a shame that a rapper’s legacy is being tainted with so much controversy and allegations.  Something needs to sort itself out and if the actual truth never surfaces, so be it, but this is becoming ridiculous.

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  • This is the most publicity Solar has ever received. How horrible is it that he is using the death of his friend and “brother” for publicity? Who’s interests does he really have in mind? If you really miss Guru and you are in mourning and you want to honor his memory, stay off of the TV, Solar. Don’t generate more press. We’re losing site that the Hip Hop world lost a legend.

  • MaiPearl

    This Ni##a is lying is azz off and I think he and Guru had some funny biz going on……Just saying ……..Fishy

  • lyricalwonder

    Being a huge fan of guru and gangtarr respectively, what’s the deal with solar? I mean if he has so much love for guru, why would he even be reluctant to pay his respects at Keiths funeral? I’m not saying that he and guru were romantically involved, but the word “partner” nowadays has a gay connotation to it. Its just alot of mess that I wish would clear itself up. If there is a tribute to this legend..let premier be an instrumental part of that…solar…sit back man..let the fans have what the need…RIP Keith! you will be missed brother.

  • Ms NP

    there’s a little too much sweating and a little too much studdering in this interview……..

  • none-ya

    Gay or not it seems Guru wasn’t close to his family, or anyone one else for that matter except Solar. Not uncommon. He was there for the guy when it counted most. The other people are stepping up too little too late! Sad.

  • Just_Sayn

    I know for a fact that when a person is in ill health, a lot of times phony people “Solar” will try to put things in there head,
    do a lot for them,be real nice, hang around them, going out of there way for them so it will seem like “Oh I’m doing everything for you”. Making it seem like “I’m the only person whose there for you”. That’s way I think “Guru” wasn’t close to his family because “Solar” made him feel like he don’t have anybody else. Solar mad himself look guilty when he started doing interviews.Come on now, when a black person looses someone,we grieve for a long time,”Guru” just died,how he gonna do interviews so fast.Because he “phony”.


    Lies Lies and More Lies. THat’s why he has on those dark glasses because the eyes tell it all. You can see if someone is sincere about what they’re saying when you look into their eyes. THe devil is a Liar.