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Dozens Walk Past New York Man Dying On Sidewalk [Video]


Police are investigating the death of a 31-year-old New York man that lay dying on a busy Queens sidewalk while dozens of people walked by and didn’t help.

The New York Post has video footage of the shocking incident showing 31-year-old Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax succumbing to stab wounds in the chest at 44th Street and 88th Road in Jamaica, Queens.

The footage shows most people completely ignoring him, while one person took pictures and another person poked and prodded him.

Tale-Yax, a homeless man, is being regarded as a hero because he was stabbed trying to save a woman from her knife wielding attacker.

When Tale-Yax went to chase the attacker, he collapsed on the sidewalk where he was reported dead at 7:30 a.m. on April 18, two hours after he passed.

Check out this shocking video from The New York Post below.

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  • Stampedinspired

    And they say New Yorkers are beautiful people….. hum-mm
    As bad as Los Angeles is, I doubt very seriously that a body laying on the street would be ignored!

    Somebody would call somebody, somebody would have called and frankly folks dont have a problem with calling for help for anybody….. which includes bangers, The idea here is the person was hurt and if one did not know, they know it aint normal to lay face down on the street SHAMEFUL
    Frankly this is a sad commentary ….”FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS” Folks in the inner cities should be familiar on who to call cause so much mess is happening ….. This Man was treated this way because he was considered Homeless SAAAAD!

  • Sparatic

    I ain’t trying to get signed,I’m just tired of all the lying!!!!!
    No time for regressing listen to some real talk minus the flexin……
    Lead Follow or Shut Up…..
    Atlanta this all I know….



  • Special

    The chick that was about to get stabbed knows who her attacker is. YOU NEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING…That man lost his life for you…How are you living your life today…Knowing that someone lost their’s for YOU…DO THE RT THING!

  • Special

    You was saved that night…Today may be your last…Get this COWARD off the streets…Next time you may not be so lucky!

  • samera chatman

    dang thats messed up!!! poor man rip

  • Why are people claiming to be shocked by this? I expect this to happen in a big city like NYC where everyone is insensitive, un-compassionate and just void of real human emotions.

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    Skype: Handle.Me


  • iballin

    i guess compassion is a causulty of the recession!the lady who’s aid he came to needs to step up and identify his killer.he may think about finishing the job he started with you!

  • rene

    Oh ,my heart is breaking I didn’t think anythung could suprise me, I was wrong. I know there is a palace in heaven with his name on it.

  • Shy Gossip-*

    All I gotta say is you reep what you sole

  • Z

    That’s just effed up. Where was the woman that he saved? The least she could have done was follow him to thank him. It’s so easy for people to just dial the #’s 911 and just say that a man is dying on this street and then leave him to the paramedics

  • @ Stephanie I can kinda see your point but after you turn somebody over and see blood…or even if its oozing from under the body…least you can do is call for help…there is just no excuse.

  • Ryan

    “You can’t blame New yorkers” for this because you see people suffering every day and choose to do nothing? If You see a bum on the street passed out high, you just leave him there?

    If you see a beggar sleeping on the street you just leave him there? Its normal to abandon people to their misery?

    I think not. It is this kind of apathy that stops us from being the country we talk about being, but will never be because we as people do not care about our neighbors and friends. We live side by side to people for years and never take the time to understand that they too are being stabbed and are slowly dying. And we just walk right by?

    Man, thats just not right. And the other thing is, this is not the first, nor will it be the last time an event like this has happened.

    We need to grow up and realize how selfish we’re being. For everyone, ourselves included. Do it for yourself. Do it for your friends. Your fellows. Your peers. Do it for your kids. Do it for their kids.

    What if it was you?

    No worse, what if that was your kid bleeding on the streets?

    Think about that. Do something. They are most certainly able to be held accountable. It is their responsibility to help people who need it. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?

  • You

    Extra greasy…gave me an ulcer

  • minerva

    this identifies what we, as a nation, have become: se;f-absorbed, can’t be bothered, look the other way, non-caring robots ! i say robots because they’re inhuman, unfeeling,PROGRAMMED ” THINGS”!!!
    what has happened to our humanity!
    and, after reading one of the above posts: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR!!!
    aliens (the extraterrestial kind) have already infiltrated earth- because real human beings don’t act this way!

  • Kierah

    Honestly, as a NYer if I were to stop for every person laid out on the sidewalk, in a subway car, on a bench I’d never get to work. Most people are just sleeping off their highs. And you don’t wake those folks up because they come up swinging.
    I see acts of compassion in NY everyday, but people do it when it safe to do so.
    Bottom line: I’m not flipping a bum over at 6:30 in the morning. I’m been truthful and most of my fellow posters are not being honest with themselves.

  • sweetingredients

    I saw this on the news and it broke my heart.

  • athenabela

    i hate this world……….we are programmed to be suspicious to not care to think less of others if they are on the street…..this man was so selfless when he defended that woman …i´m sure he was accustomed to being frowned on by others to being looked at as a lazy no-good person by people passing by but when it came time to test bravery, kindness and honor he passed the test when everyone else surrounding him failed…..he is DEFINITELY in a better place now……it saddens me so much to see the indifference of people ………but i will try to use this tragic story as yet another reminder to not let myself get caught up in prejudice indifference and apathy

  • Caprice10

    seeing it all the time is absolutely no excuse..everybody has a cell…the two minutes it would have taken to call for help “just in case” means more than the two minutes it took to come to that excuse of a conclusion…people need to start treating one another with a little more decency.

  • Yoda

    I won’t have touched him, but I would of at lease call Emergency so someone could help him.

    Payback is a b**ich, someone they love, better not need help.

  • Yoda

    I meant to say I wouldn’t of touched him. Sorry for the grammer error.

  • He helped this woman and this female could have helped him by calling the police. New Yorkers seem to be cruel people, most people even in New York would want help in times of trouble.

    Glad that I don’t live in NY.

  • Roz

    Homeless or no, it’s evident the man was hurt when he was laying in a pull of blood. It may be true a New Yorker see homeless people lying on the street everyday but they don’t see bloody ones, and even if they did they wouldn’t help anyway because they claim they live by street codes that forbid them from getting involved in other people’s business. Just pure ignorance. I’m glad I don’t live there. I enjoy living around people that was raised with common courtesies and morals, and dare I say, that have heart’s that care regardless of people’s living status. Smh…

  • Noone special

    As New Yorkers we continue to let things like this happen we really don’t want to get involved for the risk of losing our own lives .So we just let it be I blame mayor Bloomcraker.He is a rich and powerful person but he rather cut schools and firehouses and the police dept budget instead of putting together a idea to keep things like this to happen that man might have been a bumm but he was human first and that is what is really sad.

  • shannon

    they giv new yorkers a bad fckin name. this is so fckin sad to see_dumb asz pppl!!

  • shannon

    by the way, i am a new yorker but i would NEVER do some sht like this EVER! this sht pisses meh off!!!

  • Some NYers are all about themselves, but we live in a world where you never know…what if somebody tried to help and he hurt them or whoever hurt the man tried to hurt them?? It has happened many times before which is why NYers just mind their business.