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SHOTS FIRED: Gloria Velez Dissing Nicki Minaj [Video]


There is an odd epidemic going around known as the “hater” and it has clearly become airborne.

It seems as though no one can take the name “Nicki Minaj” out of their mouths and find it necessary to keep bringing the upcoming rapper down.

The latest victim of “hate” is from model Gloria Velez who felt it necessary to weigh in and give her two cents on Minaj.

“She’s a good gimmick.  She has the right team behind her, that’s it, because if anyone else would have put her out or she was by herself, it would not pop off at all.”

[Check AFTER the jump for Velez GOING IN!!!]

With all of the hate coming in the rapper’s direction, it can only be stated simply.  A person can only take offense to people they actually respect, otherwise their opinion is void and left on the cutting room floor.

So, Velez…what ever happened to that rap career anyway???

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  • Anonymous

    The only people who like Nicki are young kids and guys. All the REAL hip hop heads knows what’s good. Why does it have to be hate? She said EXACTLY everything Nicki does. So how is that hate?

  • Sinister

    Gimmick or no gimmick, Gloria Velez couldn’t sell tissue paper! And the fact that very few female rappers succeed, someone has to be it! Nicki’s timing was right. And since today is rap and not hip hop, who cares! Hip Hop means you care about lyrical content as well as the package! Rap is just who is the hottest at the moment…….In other words, Gloria, Khia and these other scanks are too stupid to realize your dissing her is only making her bigger! Straphangers!!…..btw, I can honestly say I have never listened to a whole Nicki Minaj record sober!

  • Sinister

    The sad thing about Gloria Velez and the other women who are not being constructive with their critism are more known for who they’ve slept with than if they have talent! Sometimes its best to try to lift your own career up instead of putting others down! Who on here even knows whats the name of Gloria’s song!

  • I respect Gloria for being honest. Honesty is not HATE! Just because you like rap with substance or lyrical rap does not make you a HATER! I agree with her opinion ’cause I TOO like rap that’s talking about something!! And I TOO am not hatin’ because of it or have any reason to HATE. Everyone who’s truely called to RAP will have their time, and that includes me! 🙂 So REAL rap is coming back! Rest assure! Niki is just preparing my audience!!!

  • The pot calling the kettle black!!



  • Tammy

    What’s wrong with her stating her opinion? Her opinion happens to be what the majority of people are saying already. I think NM has some skill, but the majority of the stuff I’ve heard is wack. That whole barbie thing is really corny. I have no idea why she would think that was fly in the first place.

  • The person that wrote this article is clearly a fan of Nicki and is in no way biased.

    Yeah this is HipHop wired so it should be expected that most of their writers would not know or how to pursue unbiased journalism.

    Really its called hate when someone points out the truth. IDK who this chick that is spewing the ‘hate’ and if she has the right to call somebody out…but I will be first of many to say. Nicki Minaj…whatever is a SELL OUT and a FAKE.

    If she really has lyrical game…prove it and stop being this Barbie Doll mess. I am a MC and this is down right disrespectful for the real musical artist out there. The Keys chick from Baltimore…thanks a bunch. I have more respect for you and your youtube videos then this Nicki BUFFOON any day. Thanks!

  • KhaelaKF

    HATER!!! Get off Nicki’s back, people jus jealous. Velez is sitting in the back not doin nothin while Nicki gettin money and doing her own thing. She came into this industry and has killed it. so stop hating. Cause half of yall wish yall was her.

  • Lioness

    my money on Jean Grae.

  • KokoClark

    @ggoodeimc, I hope your opening statement was a sarcastic joke(which I doubt), otherwise your just what I think of you….stupid Furthermore, Nicki Minaj is not fake for exuding her personal persona of barbie. Barbie is meant to represent the girly-girl, career woman and go-getter inside all women. Even though I never grew up plaing with Barbie, I knew girls who did and all of them are happy, confident and successful women…..Is that all do to Barbie, u ask? No, but she played a role in giving girls the right to love being a woman. Also Nicki Minaj is not selling out by being who she is, even if it’s several different personas….they are all her underneath. For instance; Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Boss, Nicki the Hairu-Juku Barbie…all different, all her.
    And finally, that chick from b-more is garbage and needs to stop acting like she got a d!ck and is so hard….. when she is just another b!tch that is only relavent because Nicki Minaj’s name crosses her lips! I really hope Nicki has a great tailor… cuz she got all these b!tches riding her coattail.

  • Jane

    who is she?!

  • KimFan

    How do you interview someone & ask them about how they feel about a rapper & when they’re honest about it they write a whole article about how she’s hating? The hip hop media crack me up with that mess. Don’t ask if you don’t like the answer. Were they expecting her to lie for the sake of not being called a hater or tell the truth so they can instigate later. I am so tired of these Nikki riders going around asking people how they feel about her & just bcuz people ain’t ridin her ****** they’re haters. Get over it. The sun does not rise & set on Nikki’s *****

  • Candy

    She kept it real #TRILL I truly agree with her #buttshots ewwwwwwwwww

  • Dree Stone

    She is not hating. She is being what they called “HONEST”. Nicki Minaj is a gimmick, her lyrics don’t make sense which is equivalent to being garbage, she is knifed up with plenty of plastic surgery and bad cosmetic dental surgery….Gloria isn’t hating. She’s being honest…never anything wrong with that.

  • laughinatyoudumbassHOES

    LMAO AT THE PPL WHO SAY “NICKI IS DOPE” =T *grabs dictionary* (dope) a narcotic…(drugs) or STUPID PERSON. So yea..I actually agree..nicki is DOPE and wack as fuk! Lmao wen will we grab a dictionary n step our vocab up? Ima take the first step n do away wit the word HATER cuz tht shyt is getn annoyin. I can’t speak my mind? Ima hater cuz I feel female mcees need to b represented better??? Stfu…yea nicki n her fans r ALL DOPES. LOL

    • Bleep It


  • Bleep It

    therealist81,yeah right,you far from being the “realist”.You just contradicted yourself,calling other people “haters”,and then talk about “Gloria”.Don’t that make you a “Hater” then?
    Nah, let me guess; that was your opinion.

  • Therealist81

    First of all you don’t know me, and second if she’s half black that’s what the hell she’s gonna claim! Like it makes better sense to down play or cover up her other heritage to appease the likes of idiots like you!! Third, you have to physically be around someone to “kiss their A$$” idiot… let’s get it together.

    • Bleep It

      I’m glad you felt the need to post not once, but twice,on me, I wouldn’t,
      you not worth my time.Now go ahead post something else, I see I’m important to you.Hahahahahahaha!

  • Therealist81

    Bleep it… Hop off, please!! This is a topic pertaining to this woman comin out the woodwork tryna use Nicki’s name to get the spotlight as is keys.
    This is a forum to leave comments assosciated with that, not pick thru a thousand comments & try to argue with me.
    I have more of a life than to sit here and go back & forth with an idiot like you, you don’t igsist to me… Irrelevant… no longer will I waste my time.
    Oh ya, if you don’t like Nicki do yourself a favor… DON’T READ THE POST!!
    Better yet, go “bleep” yourself… since you clearly have too much time on your hands…. THAT’S MY “OPINION”, dear.

  • sandy

    40 year old washed up “video vixen” with a rap career that never happened, has something to say?

  • Jeff Bryant

    I’m coming from the 80’s 90’s and early 2000 underground hip hop so I definetly don’t follow all this wack rap that comes out these days. So not a fan of Nicki Minaj or Lil wayne. (Nicki does look good though)

    That said, I find it very hypocritcal, that someone who made their name from prancing about half naked in rap video’s (which I like) and airing their dirty laundry to the world, (eg bragging about who she slept with) Could have anything to say about someone doing more or less, the same thing and dismiss it as a gimmick. As the saying goes, those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.