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White Lines: The Top 10 Iconic Pictures Of Rappers With White People [Photos]


While Hip-Hop started out as a reflection of what African-Americans and Latinos were experiencing in the inner city, the culture is now a global phenomenon. So it is no surprise we often find rappers flicking it up with random White people.

Whether it’s a friend, actor, model, politician, aristocrat or one of their die hard fans, it is almost a gaurantee your favorite artist has been spotted with someone who isn’t of their race. And at times they even let them borrow their chains for the photo opp.
So we present the top 10 iconic pictures of Rappers with White people. Speaking of, check out The Swirl, a documentary by Moguldom Films that spotlights interracial dating. Learn more about The Swirl right here.
Let us know which is your favorite photograph in the comments section below.–
Photo: Twitter
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  • b.s.

    What a stupid and racist story. Get over it most people gave friends of every couple and rap evolved as an art form way back in musicals to tell a story. Rap isn’t new, the name just changed. Sorry, but get your heads out of your azzz


    what’s the point of this article….

  • DRUNK247

    Slow day

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