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Cop Suing Meek Mill Because He Can’t Satisfy Fiancée


Meek Mill and the police have never been fast friends, but this is crazy. An ex-Philadelphia cop is suing the MMG rapper, claiming among other allegations that Meek ruined his love life. Seriously.

Reports TMZ:

As TMZ first reported, Mill was arrested in 2012 for allegedly having weed on him, but when cops came up with zilch he sued the city of Philadelphia. Meek lost the case, but one of the involved officers claims he lost a lot too.

In a new lawsuit, the cop says Meek defamed him in interviews … damaging his reputation and character. He was fired for allegations unrelated to Meek’s case — but claims it’s been hard to find work because of Meek slamming him in the media.

Worst of all, the officer hints he’s uhh — misfiring in the bedroom. He claims the case “had a strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée.” 

In total, this struggle officer is reportedly seeking $750,ooo. How about Meek Mill buys him a bottle of Viagra and they call it even?

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  • Depravity

    This officer is just one in a long line of corrupted officers with NO honor and dignity.
    He can no longer harass people and I believe that was the only way he was able to find sexual arousal and gratification. It’s possible his inability to illegally incarcerate people really has left him impotent.

    Remember whenever you see police behaving suspicious – FILM THEM! It is not illegal and it’s your constitutional right to stand your ground against them. Police officers are civil servants and you have rights! Especially if you are not in suspicion of a crime – DO NOT LET POLICE INTIMIDATE YOU! FILM THE POLICE! I can’t even tell you how many people of all races I have helped by simply pressing record on my camera…NEVER let them tell you it’s illegal – IT IS NOT..and if you’re not under suspicion of a crime and they request your ID – DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM – PEOPLE LEARN YOUR RIGHTS or they will take advantage of you…FILM THE POLICE! If they tell you that they are taking your equipment as evidence let them know that they can only subpoena it and it if they take it against your will it is THEFT and you will press charges. If they tell you that you are impeding an investigation then ask them to tell you what the reasonable distance is for them to feel you are no longer in their way but THAT YOU WILL NOT LEAVE! If they arrest you prepare to sue the police department for civil rights violations! FILM THE POLICE!