Cecil Lennox

Hilarious Kermit The Frog Memes Take All The Chill Out Of Childhood [Photos]



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  • aglo

    I am in tears

  • Niggaaaaaaugay

    Funny stuff lol

  • KermitWho

    OMG…Hilarious, yet real, stuff

  • Kambriel

    Ms. Piggy come and get your husband lmao

  • mkswag

    To be real, buying your kid J’s they are just gonna get dirty and grow out of in a month is dumb though. But Kermit be foolin

  • ijs

    Obviously whoever wrote the spiderman sneaks one has no children so I won’t even bother continuing.

    • Kambriel

      #TRUTH Why does a 3 year old need J’s? He doesn’t even know who Jordan is? Better put on them Spidermans/Cars/ Iron Man sneakers and go play outside!

    • 2-21-92

      true but if you living in the hood there’s no reason why a parent should be buying js in the first place when you got kids and living in the hood.

  • christmas808

    too funny

  • The Observer

    Chicks always saying they are team no kids, but had 4 abortions. Be quiet and drink it next time.

  • Sleepy One

    This stuff had me crying