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Donald Trump Blasts “Central Park Five” Settlement, Feigns Poor Taxpayer


The recent $40 million settlement for the “Central Park Five” hasn’t been greatly for silent hurrahs by every New York City citizen.

One of its most wealthy–and vocal residents in Donald Trump is lashing out against the justice system for compensating the five men who were found not guilt by DNA evidence for a 1989 rape of a jogging woman in Central Park.

Trump wrote an op-ed to the NYDailyNews, which had an overhead message that the city was wasting money on the exonerated ex-convicts.

My opinion on the settlement of the Central Park Jogger case is that it’s a disgrace. A detective close to the case, and who has followed it since 1989, calls it “the heist of the century.”

Settling doesn’t mean innocence, but it indicates incompetence on several levels. This case has not been dormant, and many people have asked why it took so long to settle? It is politics at its lowest and worst form.

What about the other people who were brutalized that night, in addition to the jogger?

Forty million dollars is a lot of money for the taxpayers of New York to pay when we are already the highest taxed city and state in the country. The recipients must be laughing out loud at the stupidity of the city.

These young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels.

Four of the five “young men” were also not adults at the time of the arrest and conviction. State’s evidence uncovered that they were coerced to admitting to the crime. What Trump was trying to prove here with this latest rant is anyone’s guess but attempting to compensate shunned members of society for wrongful convictions is not a new practice.

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  • Frank P

    Talk about “heist of the century.” $40 million is chicken feed compared to the tax breaks NYC has granted Trump over the years as he speechifies that “New York is already the highest taxed city and state in the U.S”—then “laughing all the way to the bank” with the loot from all the exemptions his accountants have dreamed up. “The Donald” himself certainly “doesn’t exactly have the past of an angel.”

  • SamDuhigiyn321

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  • Terry

    F*ck Donald Trump. He never gets the whole story and who the hell cares what he thinks anyway. Drink rat poison

  • BliggityBlack

    Fun fact: Donald Trump took out full page ad in the New York Times assassinating the character of these young men and asking for the death penalty. Asking to execute OUR children. Asking to execute innocent children. He should be next on the sue list!

  • Blythe dhia

    I hate this man. he is a deplorable human being – always digging into the pasts of Black men and never apologizing when he’s constantly proven wrong. $40 million is probably what he pays his lawyers yearly to cover up his dirt and fraudulent business dealings. Let those brothers (CP5) live. is it not enough punishment that they missed out on a huge, crucial part of their lives because of petty fear and racism?!

  • Tamara Jones

    After watching this documentary on Netflix, I can’t understand why anyone thinks these men don’t deserve every penny of that money. This was a tragedy. A lot of the parents were uneducated an duped by these crooked cops. It was sad.

  • middleagerant42

    This speaks volumes on how man feels about people of color. And we as a people run to be on his show. I will not ever watch his show again nor will I spend my money on anything his name is attached to. I watched a documentary about this cadr. Those boys did not do anything to that woman. 40 million won’t bring back their lives. They spent decades in prison over something they didn’t do. Dna proved it.