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The Central Park Five – A Timeline [Video/Photos]


Last week, the state of New York reached a $40 million payout to settle a civil lawsuit with the “Central Park Five “– a group of Black and Latino teens accused in the 1989 rape of a 28-year-old White female jogger in Central Park.

The “Central Park Five” ranged from ages 14 to 16, all serving full terms (between 5 and 15 years) for sex related convictions, they did not commit.  The suspects were depicted as savage members of a “wolf pack” participating in a gang rape fueled by what was known was “wilding,’ or  going “bezerk” as the New York Daily News wrote back in 1989. Although they were all minors, each had their printed in the media.

There was no physical evidence tying the teens to the heinous crime, yet all five of the suspects were found guilty and sentenced to between 5 and 15 years behind bars. Four of the suspects, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Kharey Wise, Antron McCray, were reportedly coerced into signing submitting a video  and written confessions. The other suspect, Yusef Salaam, refused to sign a confession, but was implicated by the others.

A quarter-century after the controversial case linked these five strangers together forever, Hip-Hop Wired takes a look back at the timeline of events involving the “Central Park Five” case.  A convicted murderer confessed to the crime back when he was over a decade after it was committed. DNA resting proved his admission.

Check out the trailer for The Central Park Five documentary below, and visit the gallery for a timeline.


Photo: AP

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  • guest

    They deserve so much more and Trump should foot the bill

  • Bob

    I love how they are claiming dna evidence cleared them when if the jailed rapist hadn’t confessed, those men would still be in jail when no dna evidence connected them to the crime in the first place. White people love revionist history.

  • Melody Carroll

    i would love to see this they need to be gettin 100 million

  • Prima

    $40 mil will never be enough

  • lol

    dirty low down white POS SOB’s

  • jihad livingston

    Its phuked up that these brothers was thrown in jail, wrongly convicted, wrongly imprisoned, lost productive years out of their lives and the state of New York still haven’t made chit right You can’t give them their 20’s back but you can make their 40’s comfortable

  • imjustsaying….

    Money won’t wash away the pain and suffering these young man endured…..the female that lied should be arrested and sentence to life in prison….