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Where Are They Now?: The Cast Of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing [Photos]


Spike Lee‘s classic summer film Do The Right Thing is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. Set in the director’s beloved borough of Brooklyn, much of the cast used the movie as a platform to launch rich acting careers and Hip-Hop Wired examines where they are now.

Do The Right Thing
‘s Brooklyn doesn’t mirror New York as we know it now, but the central theme of race relations, the close neighborhoods and how summer brings out the best and worst of us remains a timeless backdrop. Lee has gone on to create other works, however Do The Right Thing is considered by most to be his crowning achievement.

Hip-Hop Wired looks back at the Do The Right Thing cast and finds out where they are now. Hit the following pages for more.

Photos: 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Universal Pictures, Instagram, Wikipedia Commons

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  • EDub

    Say what you will, but folks who worked with Spike have gone on to do BIG THINGS!

  • Steve Stone

    G. Esposito has been working it for a long time. Homicide, Breaking Bad, Revolution. He really is a G