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#FelonCrushFriday Star Jeremy Meeks Lands Modeling Contract


Never underestimate the power of the thirst.

After woman from all over the country swooned over Jeremy Meeks’ mug shot, the 30-year-old criminal–with a rap sheet longer than Manute Bol–has earned himself a modeling contract.

Via Gawker:

TMZ reports that Meeks has been signed by L.A.-based Blaze Models. The deal was apparently negotiated by his new agent, Gina Rodriguez, a former porn star who represents a D-list circus of oddities including Farrah Abraham, Octomom, Tan Mom and V. Stiviano.

Blaze previously told TMZ that because the gangster look is so hot right now, Meeks could rake in $15,000-30,000 a month as a model.

That’s if he gets out of jail any time soon. Meeks’ bail is currently set at $1.1 million.

“I’m not exactly sure why it’s so much money. That’s what we’re trying to figure now,” Rodriguez told Fox 411. “We’re trying to secure him some of these deals so that when he gets out, it can change his life, literally.”

Rodriguez is also looking at reality show options for Meeks.

Meanwhile, Meeks’ attorney has requested that he be measured for well-fitting civilian clothes to wear during his court appearances, as befits his client’s new status as a modeling-industry professional.

Meeks became an instant Internet celebrity on June 18 when the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on their Facebook page. It has since been liked more than 100,000 times.

Photo: Stockton Police Dept/Handout

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  • wow

    He should take full advantage of that and change his life around,,this is a sign from God…jus hopefully he can get that chance and get out of jail…….

    • LoyalAndHonest

      God is so Great & in the face of adversity he will pull you up so you can climb out of despair. There are so many people who are successful & fall off & people still support them now Jeremy has been given an opportunity that God felt he deserved & I hope he takes the world by surprise & shows everyone it doesn’t matter what your past may have been your future can always be bright.

  • Sleepy One

    I hope he gets his act together and thank God and the agency for this opportunity.

  • Stayce

    Let’s be clear about something – this is a GIFT of grace, pure and simple; because, whatever else he’s done in his life, “EARNED” this opportunity is not one of them. Damn! This world stay rewarding bad behavior. What reason in the world does any kid have for trying to do right, when there are such awesome pay offs for doing wrong?

  • OutHerSpace….

    You cannot be serious. Meanwhile people that have been slaving over this opportunity wont see a chance or breakthrough. I am not going to sit here and applaud it like this is the “cure”. He’s an ONGOING criminal SMH