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Fans Await LeBron James’ Decision, Dwyane Wade Becomes Butt Of Jokes [Photos]


LeBron James has sports fans on pins and needles in anticipation of his epic decision. But with rumors that he will re-join the Cleveland Cavaliers looming, the spotlight has been partially put on Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade.

The Internets have left no slanderous stone unturned with jokes of Wade’s impending abandonment. And it doesn’t help that the guard’s play has declined due to plaguing injuries (as proven by the Heat’s finals performance). Even if that weren’t the case, Wade would receive jabs at the hands of web detractors. Someone has to, right?

It’s worth noting that the constant onslaught of jokes caused the NBA All-Star to make his Instagram page private. Hit the jump to see what’s been said about Dwyane Wade.

Photo: Instagram

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  • seanjay40

    That is dumb LeBron had no rings before he went to d-wade team people have short memories.

  • kirk

    The NBA looks mad weak with all these dudes waiting on Lebron. Also James looks weak if he skips out on the team he conspired to put together after things don’t go right. Makes me respect KD even more. Better enjoy Kobe because he’s the last of his breed the wanted to beat the best not play with them.

    • Cosign.

    • ALEX

      Shut the fawk up!!!! There ain’t shiit weak about Lebron if he leaves Miami! The bench couldnt or wouldn’t contribute anymore and he spent most of his time carrying his team! So STFU

      • thetruth

        It shows that he run away from difficult times… when it gets tough! He did it with Cleveland & he’s doing it with Miami. It seems as if he’s not even considering the sacrifice the franchises made, and the players made to build that team and make things work best 4 him.

  • What’s to slander? The man has 3 rings and he didn’t need LeBron to start getting them.

    • footballfan23@gmail.com

      No, he needed Shaq. Let’s not act like DW would have any rings if he didn’t play that ROBIN role so well.


        Who cares he still earned rings, so quit the Shaq BS

    • steve

      He only got one ring without LeBron

      • thetruth

        AND???????? You do know Lebron had 0 rings b4 he came to South Beach right???

    • ALEX

      But he needed Lebron for the last 2 rings he GOT! And guarantee you that he can’t get another one with out him! SO STFU!!!!

      • thetruth

        Lebron needed Wade to win 2 championships point blank n the period! Wade proved himself back in 2006 he could win a championship on his own! Wade 2006 finals performance will go down in history as being 1 of the greatest NBA finals played… ohh how we forget so quick! Lebron came to Miami (Wade County) to play with him… it wasn’t the other way around! If Lebron leave Wade will be fine…. it will take time 4 the Heat to rebuild but Pat Riley will make moves.

  • George Jefferson #WOLFPACK

    Delonte West

  • Aangᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ