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Kanye West Parties w/ Justin Bieber, Kate Moss & More In Ibiza, Doesn’t Look Impressed [Photos]

Photo: Instagram/@riccardotisci17

Photo: Instagram/@riccardotisci17

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  • GuestWho

    He is not into smiling. Some men aren’t. Leave him be.

  • reaaaallllcute

    Let koonyae play his game smooze and Brown nosing all he wants, I don’t think he’s ghrey he’s just romancing the stone.

  • Savenia

    Fvck Kanye looking impressed, he needs to button up his matching shirt, he’s not built like that smh.

  • Guest who

    I see Cassie is now the bottom ish! Huh

  • GUCCIGAL1000



    “I’m a muhhhdel! You know what I mean! And I strut my little rush oooonnn the catwalk”

  • Corduroy

    Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if celebrities took more ig photos of themselves doing work in the community. Not to brag about doing good, but just to give people something more impactful to look at besides “look at me. I’m beautiful, rich, and I party with other beautiful, rich people.”

  • donellakeepitrealalday

    he only smiled in puff and cassy pic

  • blackcard

    Kanyw the black token for kardashian. Does whole family join them to damn we got to take everyone with us everwhere

  • Patrice Slater-Lee

    dayuuum kate moss is ripped in photo four.

  • Natasha Evans

    Is it me,or does it look like hes leanin in towards justin more than his wife!!??!!….NOT a good look Kanye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItsLachelle

    Ciara looks horrible !!

  • Vomit maggot

    Kate Moss is clearly high, possibly most of them, but her obviously.

  • Mimi

    Yeah…Kate looks like she had a little too much coke mixed with her champagne that night. Lol

  • Bambi

    How and why do people envy this sh*t?!
    These people look sad and self medicating.

  • Just Say’n

    He never ever smiles when Kim is around.
    18 years, she got u for 18 years.
    Poor thang

  • MocaPretty

    Kim’s face looks like it was matted with cement. That is all.