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Another Round : Twitter Won’t Let Lil Kim Live [Photos]


Don’t ever try to get Lil Kim to let go of a grudge, she doesn’t believe in such behavior. Kimmy Blanco is back at Nicki Minaj’s head with “Identity Theft” , and Twitter is back to  reaming her for it.

The diss didn’t exactly get a whole bunch of love. Not that she didn’t get any positive feedback, there were some staunch Kim supporters among the mounds of “enough is enough” responses, and over 40,000 streams on her SoundCloud page. But for the most part,  people are wondering where she’s going with this beef thing, and how long she wants to keep this up (forever, we assume).

Her claims aren’t unfounded. We can all see that larceny slander isn’t has legs, it’s just getting old now. The good news is Kim sounds pretty straight on “Identity Theft,” so she can at least pat herself on the back for that win.

There’s just no stopping the Queen Bee when she’s mad (we tried).

Check some reactions in the gallery.


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  • An Observation

    Doesn’t Lil Kim have a child to tend to? She is thirstier than her new born. Anything to regain relevancy. SMH

    • phoenix4629

      Niki always taking shots at kim kim such a cancer, they never let shyt go. I would of did a track with Remy Ma….

      • Candice

        Thats why Nicki needs to choose her battles wisely;she done had beef with everbody including Mariah Carey. She needs to have some respect for these legendary people..

        Kim is from the streets. She’s old school. Just when Nicki thought she was going on with her career; Kim is back to burry that @ss again.

      • dre

        If Kim ain’t gonna come out with some new music for real she should shut up and stay at home.

    • Candice

      She has a child she not dead! Doesn’t Jay Z have a child and is older than Kim. Do you see him stopping? Lil Kim is still the Queen and she still relevant to date. Don’t hate! Nicki Minaj is just a passing faze. I would love to see her still in the game like LIl kim 10 years later. huh!

      • STFU Kim

        Lil Kim is not in the game and hasn’t been for a long time besides beefing with people. Last time she was relevant was 10 face lifts ago. this woman is a joke and need to stop embarrassing herself. Go breast feed your bastard child……ooops forgot them titties are fake and produce dust.

  • IJS

    Let it go Kim!!! Unlesssss…..she’s been talking smack behind Kim’s back. Hmmm…

  • gbank


  • gbank

    cant access web page

  • Cali Gurl

    O got one question who the hell does this womans makeup i mean her face is already f****** from the surgery but wtf

  • jerrylarry

    So nobody is gone keep it real that u pay homage chris brown usher and tray songz did that killen me kim ain’t never came off as a hater nicki shadowed her I like nikki to but that’s ridiculious and kim kim is that