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Serve & Protect Who?: Striking Images From Ferguson Protests [Photos]


Is Ferguson, Mo.—where Mike Brown was gunned down by a police officer this past weekend—part of the United States, or is it an occupied country? It’s sometimes difficult to tell when police in full riot gear are juxtaposed with citizens exercising their right to protest.

These striking images will make you wonder who exactly the police in Ferguson, or even around your way, are really trying to protect, riots be damned.

Check out a run down of what’s happening in Ferguson in a profound piece called “America Is Not For Black People” over at Gawker, and check out how our people are being treated in the midwest in the gallery.

APTOPIX Police Shooting Missouri

Photos: Jeff Roberson/AP Photo

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  • yung123

    Spin the story, all day long.

  • truther

    yea its a sad situation but im a lil numb to it because we have people in our community who wont snitch when its a black man killing another but wanna get all up in arms when a officer does.. Rip Mike Brown but we need to do better and looting weaves and J’s not a good look for the cause

    • RenaissanceWoman

      Cosign! Although I can understand their ANGER and hopelessness right about now, I do agree that stealing bundles of Remy and boxes of Jordans isn’t going to make our community look more dignified or respectable. It especially is not doing Mike Brown any good cause it takes the attention off of him and the justice that is needed. RIP Mike.