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Childish Gambino Says Twitter Activism Is “Wack” [PHOTOS]


Mike Brown’s death and the aftermath that it’s sparked in Ferguson, Mo. has dominated social media, opening up the forum for personal opinion in the process. Among them were messages from rapper Childish Gambino, whose tweets rubbed many the wrong way.

“i honestly don’t give two f*cks if you hate me,” said Gambino at his statement’s close. The aforementioned string of tweets were posted from August 12-14, each taking a life of their own. Though the creator of Because The Internet ensured readers that this wasn’t some act of vanity, he sarcastically postured most of his messages with the words “i wanna be so white and so big,” before noting scenarios that he feels are exclusive to white people/musicians.

Following tweets detailed the Atlanta native’s feelings towards Twitter activism, which he described as “wack.” Though, we’re sure purveyors of the #Ferguson and #IfTheyGunnedMeDown hashtags would disagree.

The premise of Gambino’s words alone were controversial enough, leaving many to cite them as ill-timed. We’ll let you be the judge. Hit the jump to read the rap star’s full testimony.

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  • LucySkyDiamond

    I don’t get it

  • sycamore

    Great points, but wasn’t his entire poem basically activism? Trying to have people understand? I agree with him 100% though.

  • Lala

    His sarcasm hits the spot.

  • aint nobody checkin for this niqqa

  • dom

    I understand, black folk been knowing you’re a white guy gambino. Very few black people that listen to hip hop even know who you are. You represent white culture.

  • TheseWorldstarniggas

    Y’all missed his whole point. Reread it and try to Comprehend SMFH!

  • Courtney Banks

    The point is that since actual news cameras were banned there as well as declaring it a no fly zone to prevent news choppers from getting the real scoop on what’s going on, the internet/Twitter stepped up in that regard. If it wasn’t for the internet this wouldn’t have spread the way it did. More people will surf the net before they turn on the tv. Because of the internet the police brutality has been spread and more people have become informed thus spuring them to action as well.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    He made a good point…