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A Venezuelan woman was busted trying to smuggle cocaine in her breast implants at an airport in Spain

The woman attempted to enter the country with  3.7 pounds of nose powder in her fake boobage, only to blow her own cover. She was flying in from Columbia, which is known as the coke capital of the drug world.

Naturally, she got nervous during the routine screening process for flights in from the South American country.

From Reuters:

The 43-year-old Venezuela national had been on a flight from Bogota, which is seen by police as a common route for narcotics to be trafficked into Europe. According to AFP, the police said “the gestures and behavior of a supposed tourist raised the suspicions of narcotics agents.”

Her baggage was searched, but the police did not find anything suspicious. However, when female officers conducted a body search, they discovered “certain irregularities and deformations in both breasts.”

The woman was then taken to hospital, after admitting to officers that she was carrying cocaine in her breast implants. After doctors subsequently removed the implants, they found 1.7 kilograms of the drug hidden inside them.

Although unusual, it is not the first time that Spanish police have encountered a woman trying to smuggle drugs by using breast implants. In 2012, police in Barcelona arrested a woman from Panama who was carrying just under 1.4 kilos of cocaine in her breast implants. She was also on a flight from Bogota.

When border police discovered fresh scars and blood-stained gauze on the woman’s chest she was taken to a nearby hospital to check her claim that she had recently undergone breast implant surgery, Reuters stated.

This woman is a little too old for these kind of games. She’s still being detained in the hospital, and (hopefully) regretting that whole smuggling decision.

Photo: YouTube

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