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Update: 44 Dead In Jamaican Drug War With Police [Video]


At least 44 people are feared dead in Jamaica as supporters of suspected drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke continue to lash out at police.

As previously reported Jamaicans in Kingston barricaded the kingpen’s neighborhood with barbed wire and set cars and police stations on fire after hearing that Dudus faced extradition to America.

He faces charges in the U.S. with drug and arms trafficking and is set to be extradited after a 9 month delay where officials debated whether his inidictment was based on illegal wire tap evidence.

In retaliation, masked men went on a rampage with malatov cocktails and fire power leaving two members of the police force dead on Sunday and a State of Emergency declared.

Jamaican officials still do not have Coke in custody.

The U.S. State Department tells The Associated Press that it’s “the responsibility of the Jamaican government to locate and arrest Mr. Coke.”

A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman also went on to deny rumors that U.S. officials were meeting with Coke’s lawyers.

Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world and reported 1,660 homicides in 2009 alone.

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    stay up my J.A. fam….so far we’vew heard from most of our fam down there , but there are still several that we are still tryna locate, so my prayers r mos def w/ J.A. right now!!!!


  • Andrea

    DUDUS has never been convicted of anything nor has he ever had any brush in with the Law.. Get your facts together!!!! I am Jamaican and know him please don’t disrespect my people..

  • legal 504

    There is far more to this than what the U.S. is revealing. This is not about the war on drugs. If it was actually about drugs, the U.S. would also be going after other international drug cartels. This is all about politics. This man is a savy and educated drug cartel who is very active in the Jamaican government. His influence has interfered with the the set up of the typical puppet government that the U.S. and England would like to achieve.

  • Roe ski Love

    This and the whole ordeal in Mexico is about drugs. The USA wants to control the drug trade and all of the independants from Jamaica and Mexico are making it difficult for them. Mexico now has it’s own poppy fields, which used to be only found in Afgahanistan.

  • Anna

    First and formost, the heading is so wrong. i live in Jamaica and knows exactly what is going on, and to be frank, its NOT all hell that everyone is creating excitment about. The police are just insearch for one man, nothing else.

  • Anna

    The person who wrote that Jamaicans are ignarant ppl, should shut up. I believe if you can write something likethat, you are the most ignarant, stupid person on this earth! How dare you categorize all Jamaicans? do u know all of us? and for your information, wer are NOT racist, nor do we categorise everyone in the same both, NOR byas with anything that is hapening…. How can we hate black ppl and we are black? We are one of the most welcoming caribbean island that accepts all nation, colour or kind! Dearest, YOU ARE RUDE, Serious!! VERY IGNARANT AND RUDE!!!!