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Wale Saves Face With Gay Community Offering Free Concert


It seems like nobody is happy with Wale these days.

First, the rapper is scrutinized by the ladies after the release of “Pretty Girls”, making claims that he only has a preference for Black women with a fair complexion.

Now the gay community, allegedly, is having quite an issue with the D.C. native after a recent performance was canceled for the D.C. Black Pride Legacy Festival after leading organizers claimed that his no-show was a direct diss to the gay and lesbian crowd.

To rectify the issue, Wale appeared on Sunday to perform and even offered a free show for those in attendance.

Addressing the crowd, the rapper pleaded his case and assured the fans that he has no hate towards any type of person or people.

‘One thing I stand for is Hip-Hop music.  And Hip Hop music knows no race, no color, no age, no gender, no sexual orientation — none of that. So, the most important thing about it is the music, and if it makes the people feel happy, that’s what we hear.”

As was the case for the cast of “Pretty Girls”, Wale is slowly learning that he has to be mindful of who he allows to make particular decisions on his behalf.

“I will say, sometimes in this business you get aligned with people that don’t understand that, or don’t necessarily have the same beliefs that you do. And I apologize for not having my best foot forward to understand the people I’m in business with. And I’m going to do better, as we all do.”

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