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NAACP Calls Hallmark Card "Racist" [Video]


Graduation is meant to serve as a time for celebration as a youth makes a transition in life towards a higher plateau.

With many swarming to local stores for cards, the NAACP has called for one particular “greeting” to be pulled, stating that it’s content can be deemed as being racist.

It is a graduation greeting from Hallmark that says, “Hey world, we are officially putting you on notice.”

The card features two characters that allegedly are using offensive language towards the Black community and warning them to watch their back.

According to Hallmark, when contacted by phone, it is merely a misunderstanding as the focus of the card refers to the solar system and uses the term “black holes” in regards to the universe.

Clearly, however, that’s not how the card was received.

Listening to the card and hearing their response, do you believe they have a legitimate case, or are they simply making a mountain out of a molehill?

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  • aleximaq

    Have we lost our minds? Does the NAACP no longer have anything important to do. Look if anyone from the NAACP is reading this, I am trying to get my software testing and engineering certification but my company won’t pay for it even though it is offered as a benefit. Now the white fella behind me got his courses approved with no problem but I was told that the courses would not be benficial to me. Can ya’ll come fight for me? Please?

  • Frank Jones

    Utterly, completely ridiculous. The NAACP used to serve a righteous cause. They’ve obviously lost their way.

  • mememe

    that is effin ridiculous. really? smh.

  • bbb

    NAACP is racist. Get over it.

  • JCredible86

    The NAacp Is run by the illuminati. they get on the news with all this bull$3!t while real problems go unsolved

  • Tyrone Jackson

    What a huge waste of time!
    I don’t hear them complaining about the “rappers” that demean everyone from women to blacks to authority to the police to skinny assed women etc…

  • Fed_Up18

    I heard it over my computer and it is CLEARLY “black HOLES.” Good grief!!!