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15 Year Old Leader Of Gang Rape Of An 8 Year Old Girl Only Receives Probation


Steven Tuopeh, the 15-year old accussed of leading the gang rape of an 8-year old and plead guilty was sentenced to probation.

Tuopeh was also sent to a secure treatment center for at least a year by Maricopa County Juvenile Court Judge Samuel Thumma for last summer’s assault in Phoenix, Arizaona.

The 14 year old at the time Tuopeh was originally charged as an adult but later sent to juvenile court where he pleaded guilty to sexual assault, kidnapping, three counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one count of attempted sexual conduct with a minor.

Unless a judge rules otherwise, he will remain on probation until he is 18. If he had been convicted in adult court, he could have been sentences up to 21 years in prison.

As Hip-Hop Wired previously reported, Phoenix police believe the two 10-year-olds and a 13-and 14-year-old boy lured the girl to a storage shed and raped her on July 16. The case gained national attention after it was reported that the girl’s father was ashamed of her and did not want her returned home.

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  • aRie

    where is the justice?!?

  • The other sick part about this is that the judge is shaneless. Any idiot could see that his decision was a miscarriage of justice. The father of the girl is also an idiot.

    see http://www.pyramidoftruth.com

  • The other sick part of this is that the judge is shameless. Any idiot could see that his decision was a miscarriage of justice.

  • c.delgado

    This is absolutely disgusting.these boys r rapists.since they’re not being punished for their crime they will do it again.the judge who decided this shud step down.I also agree if this was a little white girl it wud be a different story.

  • Justbmore

    It’s sad that in this day & age the justice system would fail this 8 yr old again. She didn’t deserve what happened to her nor did she deserve a father who is ashamed of her. The Judge is pathetic for even giving probation. As far as race goes it’s something that is always there but will never go away. White is the highest power so y’all right if the girl was white, he’d got the max sentence or death. It’s sad in 2010 with all the progress and strides we made as a society that race negates all that.

  • Hi_Man

    Agree with Jeffrey.
    Let us pray almighty God to kill ,this *************
    DAMN probation that lil girl have to live with it all her F***ed up life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I-like-logic

    UMMMM…The REAL tragedy is this girl has an idiot for a dad. Her stupid coward of a father didnt want to shoot these boys and then feed them one by one to the coyotes living in the desert? Most dads would wanna go ballistic if something like that happened to their baby girl! Instead, this moron has the audacity to be ASHAMED of his 8 year old daughter, and THEN didnt want her to come back home?????!!!!!!! WHAT THE F****!!!!!!????? are theses people in-bred? Social services should lock her DAD up for child endangerment!

  • akiyah carey

    i’m not sure the decision was based on race.when i read the story,it was stated that all the children were brought here together from liberia? and that they had been transported from there because of some problems in that place.perhaps the judge was privy to information that is not available to us as citizens.this crime is outrageous.but would it be better for these boys to be incarcerated in a juvenile placement facility that more likely than not, will expose them to more seasoned criminals while at the same time not giving them the therapy they would require to be better people later on in life?this whole thing is a mess but we have no idea what these children have witnessed and we also have no idea who they can be with proper treatment.throwing children away because of bad behaviors is kinda like throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater,don’t you think?not judging just feeling sympathy for kids who look like my own.

  • alohadonna

    Sick. 15yr olds are above the age of reason and I don’t care WHERE these kids came from he knew this was WRONG.
    I would think there should be therapy for the poor little victim.

  • Alicia

    This makes no sense if this was a litle gentile girl they would have charge him as a adult and threw the book at him.

  • i guarantee….the streets will get him….dont wish nothing bad on anyone…but wont shed a tear if he does get dealt wit!

  • Beth

    I say “eye for and eye”. Let the punishment fit the crime. Cut his d**k in the town square and hang his sorry a**.God knows he’s permanently changed/damaged this little girl. The girls father…worthless, you’re not ashamed of your kids for something they didn’t ask for or deserve. A 14/15 yo knows between right and wrong. Probation is unacceptable.

  • dajsha

    wen sumbody find him dey is goin ta beat his A$$ he wrong 4 that a 8 yr old gurl sham sham sham

  • Ricnic

    You all keep saying that it is a not harsh because the little girl was black…well the defendant it black too. so wtf you talking about??????