Bad Girls Club Member Natalie Nunn Goes After Kat Stacks, Tells Her To Be A Mother To Her Kids [Video]


Looks like former Bad Girl and reality TV star Natalie Nunn has some choice words for super groupie Kat Stacks.

Nunn, who has been criticized herself for being a groupie, took to YouTube to broadcast her opinions on Kat Stacks and the website who promotes her,

“You can talk about my chin all you want to,” Nunn says. “My chin makes millions honey, I have real stacks unlike Kat Stacks and for Worldstarhiphop, you want to put that cockroach on your site; don’t expect me to ever do an interview with you.”

Nunn’s rant didn’t stop there.  In addition to telling Kat Stacks to “get off her back,” she also accused WorldstarHipHop of supporting women abandoning babies by making the groupie lifestyle “look cute.”

“I hope Worldstarhiphop knows that by supporting Kat Stacks, they are supporting women throwing kids in trash cans. That Beyotch needs to go home and raise her kids, exposing who has been in your vagina is not cute.”

In closing Nunn had one last personal message for Kat Stacks:

“Listen Kat Stacks, this is Natalie Nunn officially telling you that you are a bad mom.”

SMH. Uh oh, does this mean that Kat Stacks will jump off rappers for a minute? It’s getting real out there and Natalie better hope that Kat Stacks “goons” don’t hunt her down.

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  • zoriansmom

    Natalie has some nerve talking when she was on one of the worst reality shows ever made. Its like the pot calling the kettle black!

  • tyrone

    millions? when did this happen? i’m pretty sure we all know she is not talking about dollars, right? you ain’t makin no millions, nat. lets be real.

  • nomo

    natalie you were always broke on the show and your chin and voice are hideous,just stfu nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • Info Redd

    Just like crabs in a bucket….

  • Talia

    To be fair in defence of her and her chin…. She said her chin makes millions, however she didn’t say it made HER millions.

    She is right abt Kat stacks needing 2 focus on her child though

  • PrettyXclusive

    Kat Stacks is not Black so how does is she throwing away Black babies. I hate Natalie self-hating ignorant A$$

  • Kups

    Okay Jay Leno, I know how you got that so called “millions” Pimpin aint easy

  • Sunshine

    These 2 hoes can stop the Gulf Oil Spill. All we need to do is drag these 2 in a helicopter along the water and their coochies can soak up the oil spill.

  • NESA2

    Byotch U Dont Have Shyt U UGLY S.l.u.t Tha Only Carmera YU Been On 4 Tv Was Tha Bad Girls CLUB HOE Thats IT

  • anderannmarie

    This is to the person named PrettyXclusive. You made the comment that, Kat Stacks is not Black so how does is she throwing away Black babies. I hate Natalie self-hating ignorant *****. I have a question? Do you mean women black women throw their black babies away.