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Teen Removed From Jury Duty For Explicit Kanye West Shirt


Draped in a shirt that read “WHO THE Fawk IS KANYE WEST”,  a teen was removed from jury duty.

Nneka Eneroj, 19, was forced to approach the bench of the courtroom, after the rest of the jurors were ordered out of the courtroom.

Upon approaching the stand, the teen was questioned by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber on

“Do you think it’s appropriate to wear a shirt that says ‘f—‘ on it in my courtroom?” asked the judge, according to The NY Post.

Trying to protest, stating that she was wearing a sweater over it, Eneroj was quickly cut off in her argument and excused from the case.

Walking off and leaving the courtroom, she left some lasting words.

“Sounds like a personal problem.”

She added that she was expected her refund for her services, of which she had to make a $40 payment
“They’d better give me my check back.”

Here is the “controversial” shirt that the teenager wore.

Do you believe that it was serious enough to make her leave the court and be dismissed from the case?

Would such a reaction make YOU wear a shirt to get out of jury duty?

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  • Edward

    Yes, you’re not supposed to wear that kind of shirt to sit on a jury.

  • que

    I agree, dumbass shouldnt’ve worn that to a courtroom. If she had any type of formal education she would know this.

    Ghetto Youth…*smh*

  • Giddy

    She should know better than to represent herself and other Black ppl like that, but I do like her response to the judge. It does sound like it is a personal problem since whites created a society against which blacks are compelled to rebel in order to survive.

  • Ing

    That child needs to get her priorities straight and use her common sense. Stupid broad lol and she has the nerve to be stank about it? Typical.

  • BayAreaChick

    Would she wear that to an interview elsewhere? Probably not, kids these days have no sense of appropriateness.

  • For Real Though?

    It’s obvious she did this to not be selected and it was obviously a good idea because IT WORKED!

  • hendogg

    Stupid bizitch……

  • Mike

    who pay to go 2 jury duty? where they do that at?

    • I was wondering that too. Why would you have to pay to do something like that? Someone explain that. That should be the real headline. What if you do not have 40? That is discrimination based on class.

  • Jolly o’ Golly

    oh yeah if she did it beacause she didnt WANt to do it, she’s smart as hell, and I would do if I felt forced to jury. I’m a super girly girl and I hate being in depressing environments. If they tried to draft me into war too, I would be the gayest man… I would pull my shirt into my neck like the 1990’s and stick a circle of sticky gemstones around my booty hole to disturb everyone and then I can go back home!!! (Glad I’m not a man haha!)

  • Troy

    You know whats really F’ing stupid? We live in 2010 and people freak out about cuss words still……c’mon people get real

  • liljayweazy

    Very dumb and immature. She’s a grown a** woman…why present yourself in a negative manor in such a serious place. I would have kicked her out too. Theres certain places for everything and as an adult we should beable to distinguish between the two.

  • Aaisha Hajjah

    Yes it was, and she should have known better, she is not 15 I mean it’s a time and a place for everything.

  • dyndyn

    when since has the great old USA been about censorship and tact. bish pls…


    that same judge should know that the girl stands on the same ammendments that the judge helps to enforce…freedom of speech…take that take that take that

  • its the foosa

    totally inappropriate for a court room. Would she wear that to a job interview? i bet not.

  • MochaDreams

    Are you all seriously call this girl dumb??? That was freaking BRILLIANT!!! She probably planned the whole thing and just acted like she cared about being dismissed. Nobody seriously wants to sit through jury duty! If you ask me, I plan on getting one of those shirts my damn self, although a judge may throw my old azz in jail for wearing that in court… as long as I don’t have to do jury duty!

  • Im Me

    Who cares what she wore lol? Yall on here all mad saying its out of place its court, not a job interview, hell do you see what some of the people in trouble wear to court lol? This isnt a big deal freedom of speech whatever whatever, probably some old @$$ judge anyway. She could have kept the sweater on and been fine, give them that lil funky $40 back and go on bought yo business. We need to lighten up, the stuff we need to worry about we dont even look at……….

  • Giddy