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Somaya Reece Exposes Joe Budden for Having "Erectile Dysfunction" [Video]


Joe Budden just can’t stop making new enemies as Somaya Reece “exposes” their relationship and reveals that Jumpoff is sexually inadequate.

Taking thing a step further while speaking on The Star & Bucwild Show, she makes the statement that he is bi-polar and also suffers from his soldier not being able to stand at attention.

“Cialis.com, for anyone that doesn’t know, is where people that have erectile dysfunction get pills…tell me I’m lying.”


Oh yes folks, THERE’S MORE AFTER!!!

Outside of his “problem”, Reece also goes in on the rapper stating that he is merely an actor and is far from the person who portrays himself to be, something she realized while dealing with him behind closed doors.


The saying is apparently true that there is nothing like the wrath of a woman scorned.

UPDATE: Joe Budden has spoken his piece through Twitter

mousebudden Chics bashing a N***a’s package = “I really liked him a lot & he hurt my feelings”…. Publicity is 1 hellofa drug.

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  • Kerry

    I find this tacky as hell. You date a man, supposedly care for him, you break up and put him on blast? thats not cute

    • Joe Kenadee

      I would agree with you guys but Joe put her on blast first. Fellas real talk don’t go on the net like Joe and put ya ex on blast otherwise you get this sh**. Joe was all in magazine’s talking about this chick and “Tahiry” (u know she gonna hit him up next). That’s why it’s best to keep your mouth shut and keep it moving.

  • Somethin’ In the Milk Ain’t Clean

    I just dont find it necessary for anyone to get fame through personal relations, and then using that to gain money and fame. It is tacky, trashy, lazy, and ill-gotten.

  • Mack

    That host dude is mad gay.

  • WTF

    Dam this chic is lame..She obviously got her feelings hurt big time

  • tyrone

    i don’t care much bout joe. but i think this broad is just on some “woman scorned” nonsense and is makin up stuff. she doesn’t sound believable. she needs more people. Gloria? Tiahri (Tahira, Tihari, or whatever her name is)?

  • Hi_Man

    I don’t know if Joe hurts her, if he did nothin’ to her so she is a bytch!!!!

  • Anthony

    She just sound hella bootsie! She obviously got her feeling hurt pretty bad to say some Shyte like that.

  • bigb

    O.K., so what if this woman is upset with Joe Budden and put him on blast? It still doesn’t mean that what she is saying is not true. Sorry Joey B groupies, but this just looks like another L for him.

  • Yoda

    I meant to say “dump”.

  • ugh

    “cialisus.com?” she cant even speak right lol
    the host of this show is such a down low punk. did you see how excited he was when he asked if she put anything in his A$$?

  • densure

    the woman is evil, just because he move on she has to say what she just said.
    maybe he doesn’t like her so, he doesn’t get erection with her but functions very well with other prettier girls.
    her make up and her giggles, a no no to a guy, she is one of those girls who will never get married.

  • str8fire

    Wasn’t nothing wrong with his package when it was in her mouth.


    Somaya Reece IS A TRANNY FOLKS!!!! WTF!!!

  • “but i think this broad is just on some “woman scorned” nonsense and is makin up stuff. she doesn’t sound believable. she needs more people.”
    Where else can I read about it?