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Mumia Abu Jamal Advocates Plan To Pressure President Obama In Philly This July 4th


Mumia Abu Jamal supporters to pressure Obama and Holder.

After spending over 28 years on Pennsylvania’s death-row – most of them in solitary confinement – and exhausting many of his appeals, the hour-glass continues to slowly slip away on the man known as ‘The Voice For The Voiceless’.

Mumia Abu Jamal supporters are being asked to mobilize this Sunday @10AM til 2PM, on Market St, (bet. 5th & 6th Sts.) in the City of Brotherly Love; to demand that a Civil Rights Investigation be opened regarding his case.

According to the Philadelphia police, Jamal allegedly killed city cop Daniel Faulkner on the night of December 9th 1981.  Although there was much physical evidence – non-matching ballistics, as well as admittedly coerced witness’ testimonies – which proved otherwise; the prolific penman was still convicted and sentenced to death anyway.

Due to the defense’s allegations of misconduct – no Amerikkkanized Afrikans on the jury, with police informants and relatives deciding Jamal’s fate instead – and other unscrupulous circumstances surrounding the case, Mumia’s allies are claiming that his Civil Rights were violated, and are seeking a probe that they suggest will unveil what many say was unjust practices by the Philadelphia courts and police.

Eric Holder & Barack Obama

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are expected to be in Philly for the Independence Day festivities this weekend.  Mumia’s backers are looking forward to being in their presence, so that they may bring the ‘Civil Rights Investigation’ demand to their attention in person.

In previous months, the Attorney General’s office has stated that they are aware of Jamal’s case and his consideration for an appeal or Civil Rights Investigation will be determined at a later date.

Hardcore Mumia supporters are optimistic that as long as they continue the pressure in keeping the mounting international resistance against the political-prisoners’ conviction, on the forefront – garnering substantial media attention – that the power of the people will be able to preserve his life, and also earn him his physical freedom.

For more info log on to, &  and to listen to Mumia’s live broadcasts from prison check:

Call:   212.330.8029

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  • Pantherbaby

    I think its a wrap for the death row inmate the final curtain call he’s been on Death Row 28 years longer than anyone else and all his chances are exhausted. I don’t see Obama stepping in.

  • Hi_Man

    Good Luck , may GOD helps you.

  • jade

    I’ll be the first to say the Philly legal system is f**ked.

  • CarlaJHabeas

    Theres a reason when Eric Holder got into his job at the DOJ he called the employees COWARDS….he has to clean house from the inside out! or the DOJ will be taken over by such cowards towards justice!

  • ME

    Why in the hell should Obama step in? Did he ask Bush to step in, Clinton to step in? President Obama was not elected President to JUST fight the cause of Black People, get a damn life. If you do the crime you do the time – now if your appeals have been exhausted, just thank God you were able to live this long and move to the after life. NEXT!

    • Jerzee Gurl

      @ ME Why don’t you read the case of Mumia before you speak with ignorance. This case is just another example of a brother getting railroaded into the death chamber by a biased society.

  • Dirty Diana…Let Me Be ♪

    i’m glad i’m not black and living in america. it must be tough, very very tough….smh

  • Free Mumia!! This is everyone’s fight, everyone’s struggle. An innocent man living half of his life locked away in solitary confinement should get all of us riled up enough to stand up and fight for him!

  • Jenene

    @ME – but if he did not do the crime do you think he should continue to do the time?
    Yes they did make requests of previous administrations and got no where – so when Obama and Holder will be in his backyard, why not ask? It’s his life at stake.

  • yvonnjanae

    There are a lot of innocent men and women in the American criminal justice system.

    I do not believe that Mumia Abu Jamal is one of them.

    I believe he is lying and it bothers me that he is taking time and attention away from people who deserve to be exonerated.

  • MsGV

    @ ME you are so right. Well said.

  • WhereI’mAt

    @Me and others who are not aware of the full facts – do you know anything really about the dark chapters of recent American history (60s to 80s) when members of the Black Panthers (a legally constituted group entitled to free assembly under American law) were taken out systematically in a series of murders and judicial proceedings that jailed those still living?

    Do you know how Fred Hampton was murdered? Others? Do you know how many Black people were framed in a continuation of the disruptive, amoral and corrupt actions in the 50s and 60s by Hoover and other ‘law enforcers’ attempts to destroy the Civil Rights movement?

    The Black Panthers were formed in response to these realities. Yes, they didn’t believe in linking arms and peacefully standing their ground while racist arms of the law bludgeoned and attempted to murder them. They formed urban self defence militias.

    Yes, some Panthers committed violence. But other prominent Panthers called for unity not only within the Black communities but with non Blacks who were genuinely people of goodwill and non racist action. Frame ups were common against the Panthers and the communities they lived and worked in.

    No policeman should be subjected to violence and death while genuinely doing their duty and behaving within the limits of the law. But there were enough policeman not doing that to question the evidence that convicted Mummia.

    It is not unusual in light of new developments in DNA/Ballistics forensic science etc to see old cases in countries that are democratic being re opened. Innocent people who were convicted have had their convictions over turned. We are also in a different political-social climate from that in which the Black Panthers operated – time to look at the case again.

    You don’t have to be Black to call for a Civil Rights Investigation. I just hope Obama and Holder have the courage to do it.

  • Free Mumia!!!! He is innocent! We should all be outraged that a man, regardless of his race, has spent half of his life in jail for a crime he did not commit! He has literally had his life taken away from him and all we can do on this holiday weekend is barbeque and watch some fireworks? How about fighting for his freedom? Take a few minutes out of your day to write your congressman or sign the petition. This can happen to any one of us!

  • blank

    free MUMIA

  • t

    if you just THINK this man is guilty and automatically persecute him based on “nothing” (meaning you are not aware of the evidence) i would suggest you put yourself in his positon…wait… you cant even picture it because you’re not doing anything significant to help better your race so you’ll never be on anyone’s radar. the obedient kind, just be hush up and say thank ya huh?

  • Louie Mouratidis

    Philadelphia PA. Government Groups is & are: Terrorists:

    18 U.S.C. PART 1: CHAPTER 113B: ” DOMESTIC TERRORISM ” SEC. 2331: DEFINITIONS: (5) – (5)(A) – (5)(B) – (5)(B) (i) – (5)(B)(ii) – (5)(C).

    Case Example: Google:

    Amend. 1.

  • William F. Farrar Jr.

    The reason Mr. Cook remains on death row is quite simple. It’s due to the bullet fired squarely into Cook’s chest from Officer Faulkners gun. Forget all the other stuff you read or hear. It’s this one, very well placed bullet that keeps Cook exactly where he belongs, until his (hopefully soon-to-be) day of reckoning comes along.