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Three Men Who Gang Raped Girl With Pool Cue, Lit Cigarette, Lose Appeal To Have Case Overturned


Three California men who were convicted of gang raping an unconscious 16-year-old girl on camera and violating her with various objects lost their appeal in court to have their case overturned.

The state Supreme Court declined Wednesday to review a petition of the son of a former Orange County assistant sheriff and his accomplices to have their sexual assault convictions overturned and no longer have to register as sex offenders.

Greg Haidl, 25, is the son of former Assistant Sheriff Don Haidle and was convicted five years ago of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in 2002.

His two accomplices Keith Spann and Kyle Nachreiner, both 25, were minors when they sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl passed out on Haidle’s pool table.

Prosecutors say the men laughed and engaged in group sex with the girl before putting a pool cue into her vagina and anus, along with a lit cigarette and Snapple bottle.

The three men videotaped the attack and were caught after a friend found the tape and turned it in to police.

The three were asking that their case be overturned because parts of the victim’s sexual past were not allowed at trial and also requested that they not have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Both requests were denied and Orange County District Attorney Chief of Staff Susan Schroeder called the refusal, “An absolutely right decision.”

The men were sentenced to six years in prison in 2006 but released in 2008.

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  • Shaw

    The pigs should have been locked up for life.

  • latoya

    why r they out of prison, the system has failed

  • alicia a

    white folks, i tell you those SOB’s are the devil, those fu-ks shoukd be in jail for life, and then theybwonder why more blacks are in jail… they damn sure know why … this is why bytches!

    • Candace

      This has nothing to do with their race and everything to do with our atrocious legal system. For you to turn it around and make it about them being white is horrible in itself, but it also takes away from the real issue. Shame on you.

  • lala

    OMG How the hell are they out of jail. They are evil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diamond

    I agree with alicia!
    This has ALOT to do with the fact that whites are released early on crimes that should get them life in prison while blacks are still sitting behind bars serving their full sentence!
    It is absolutely, 100 percent true and it is VERY naive to try and deny it ( unless you are white of course and therefore feel offended)
    The justice system is looking more and more black & white every day.

  • karen

    must have been a misdemeanor