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Ice Cube Laughs At Lebron Joining The Heat & Says Lakers Are Still The Best


Rapper/Actor Ice Cube shares his comments towards Lebron Jame’s decision to join the Heat.

The veteran west coast rapper Ice Cube recently blogged his feelings about Lebron James joining Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in South beach.

Kurupt is one of my favorite MC’s. He’s got complicated metaphors that are still gangsta, 15 minutes after he left the room in came Snoop. We talked about the Lakers kickin’ the Celtics a** in the Finals. We laughed about LeBron joining The Heat. It won’t work, Lakers are still the team to beat.”

Being from the west coat could it be that Ice Cube is afraid of the new 3 headed monster in Miami? Since the announcement many entertainers have spoken on the new team including rappers like Rick Ross who has said

“I’m going to be the Jack Nicholson of the Miami Heat!”

Although many people have many different opinions of the situation, one thing is for certain is that the NBA will be filled with entertainment and everybody’s two cent comments.

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  • GreenNYC

    I still think lebron is an fool. He just handed Kobe the best player in the world title. Kobe did it with no allstars. This fool lebron made his stock fall with that dumb A$$ move.

    • Oldskool

      ummm Gasol isn’t an allstar? Before Gasol, Shaq wasnt?

  • station

    Ice cube, Snoop, Kurupt, were cool back in the day but its funny when a bunch of “has-been” rappers make assumptions regarding sports.

    Come start of the NBA season, we will see who’s laughing all the way to the finals lol..

    • thesnak

      You shouldn’t call Ice Cube, Kurupt, or Snoop has been rappers because what you listening to on the radio these days isn’t rap… Their music is still KICKIN.. Oh yeah, LAKERS will win again..LeBron made a false move… Keep yo head up STATION…

  • aleximaq

    This is funny…Cube has been in hollyweird too long…..He actually thinks Kobe and 4 other retards are going to be a match for the Heat now? LOL And to those who still think that LeBron made a mistake, please see me in a year…… You are going to have much more than just the game itself on those courts this season, you are going to have expectation, ego and just down right aggression…..if you think all of that thrown into James, Wade and Bosh is not going to kick azz…you are nuts….just nuts and don’t know shyt about basketball….

    • thesnak

      come on aleximaq, people will remember him as the player who had to go to another players team to win… His legacy in Cleveland is cut…That is DWade’s team.. LeBron has won 2 straight MVP of the NBA..He is called the best in the game and he leaves to go play on DWade’s team…Oh yeah, they need more than James, Bosh, and Wade to beat LA BABY… GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

    • Ernie

      There is no way the Heat will be compare to bryant’s lakers just because you have Lebron,bosh & wade that doesn’t mean they already have one the champion. it won’t work for the symple reason all 3 of those players want to be the king but it’s only one king the lakers.

  • Steven

    LMAO at all the new heat “Fans” expecting the heat to win in their first year.
    Wade bosh and Lebron have always been the alpha dogs on every single one of their teams from when they were growing up if you don’t think it is at going to take time to get accustomed to a new style of play and a new system then your fools. not to mention Spoelstra is only a 3rd year coach who knows how he’ll handle things. As of right Now lakers hands down favorites. the core has been to 3 straight finals together winning back to back championships and all of a sudden these 3 players are going to dethrone them I think not.
    Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum>Chalmers,wade,lebron,Bosh,and whatever no name center

  • Rich

    Last I checked Kobe is the best player in the league and cant be stopped! Who on the Heat can stop Gasol and Bynum? Just too Big, too lengthy, too skilled which is also why the Lakers defense is pretty damn good.

  • R s

    Snoop a has been? Have u herd his new album ? Miami all the way. Kobe has been siting on top for far too long. Its time for someone to dethrone him. Even if it tAkes 3 superstars. Miami is the team to beat, your opinions won’t change that, it’s a fact. Do you guys actually think lebron couldve won a championship with the cave??? I think not. Can he win a championship with the heats? Who knows. Only time will tell.

  • Keyturn

    That silly avatar screwed up my player match ups hopefully this works

    Kobe = Wade
    Artest Bosh
    Bynum > Any 5 MIA throws at him
    LAL reserves > MIA reserves

    Jackson >>> Spolstra

  • Zonik2010

    Jordan wouldn’t do it,Magic wouldn’t do it,Larry wouldn’t do it.LeBron is not a king, he’s not even a prince he’s just Wade’s B!tch.Even if the Heat do win(c’mon the Lakers are still the Champs and America’s Team) it’s a no win situation.The Heat and their 3 Amigas have just entered the twilight zone and have become the no-win-heatuation.If they win they should have, if they don’t their losers like they always have been well except for Wade but that don’t help James legacy….OH! and who the F@ck is Bosh he’s never done nothing …enough about that fool(Gasol will SMASh!!!!)

  • aleximaq

    Lakers fans are delunsional…point blank period….ya’ll think that some azz raping fool is going to really come throuh for ya’ll with a 3 peat? Did Shaq re-sign with the lakers? Ummmm….you’d stand a better chance there if he did….

    • Tiny-T

      im not a lakers fan but lakers is still the best team until they get beat. miami up there but they still aint got a team. the best player they have thats not the big 3 is mike miller. i highly thought that this year Miami can beat the lakers. i give miami another year b4 they dominate the league. and as for shaq, the lakers only had enough money to sign kobe or shaq. OBVIOUSLY they made the right decision by choosing kobe.

  • t

    the lakers kicked the celtics *ss? did i miss something? the series went to 7 games and the refs cheated throughout the entire series..especially game 7… kobe has 4 rings and at least 2 of them were handed to them (they cheated in that kings series as well). thats y kobe can never be labeled as better than jordan. oh and ice cube pls go take a nap

  • fuklebron

    it’s is clear that kobe has been the better player in this decade but to make it any easier for you lebron cock sucker since kobe won his mvp in 08

  • fuklebron

    it’s is clear that kobe has been the better player in this decade but to make it any easier for you lebron cock suckers, since kobe won his mvp in 08 he has won gold metal , allstar mvp, two nba finals mvps and two out three championships and not to mention the two scoring titles before mvp season, he’s having a hell of a run and WILL BE IN FINALS once again