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Mother Charged 67 Counts For Having Sex With 13 Year Old Boys


A mother of three has been charged for having sex with boys as young as 13 years old.

Christine Shreeve Hubbs, a 42-year-old Mormon mother, was arrested last week by Livermore police. She was charged with 67 felony counts of sexual assault for multiple rendezvous with young teenage boys, many in her 2006 black Hummer that gave her the neighborhood nickname “The Hummer Mom.”

In a case seemingly unrelated to the sex with boys as young as 13, Hubbs is also accused of allowing teens to shoot pellet guns out her car window.

Livermore Police were alerted to the case on July 27, when the mother of two of the boys that Hubbs is accused of carrying on sexual relationships with, allegedly discovered nude photos of the mother on one of her son’s phone.

Both boys, now 15, have allegedly told police details about a relationship that has been going on since 2008, in which they were given “gifts and money” and ferried around in her personal vehicle to various locations throughout the city.

Hubbs will be charged this afternoon in Pleasanton. She is currently being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin with bail set at $4.3 million.

Stacy’s mom has got it going on!

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  • ABC

    She ain’t got NOOOOO life if thirteen year olds are her hilite of the day, wow!

  • jillian :)

    oh my goodness . this is ridiculous . shes a mother herself . i would hate to hear what her children are going through =/

  • phyre

    That’s bad.

  • MIA

    I agree. There is a double standard. She should be imprisoned for a long time for RAPING those kids. At least she is not a teacher … This world is filled with SICKOs.

  • The Lioness Rules

    OMG!!! I haven’t wanted a 13 year old since I was 9. She should do prison time for sure.

  • tanya

    SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bet she gets no more than 2 years, more likely probation. If it was reversed (she was a he and the boys were girls), she’d be facing life.

  • Tamron

    When You teach Your children to hate,Hate is Hate.as the child grows it makes no distiction.I never had any white friends,but I gave up hating.It does no one any good.When You hate,You think You better than GOD,cause GOD says love,Your enemy,Your neighbor,Your brother,YOURSELF!We see thru a dark veil,we don’t know the mysteries of life,So to hate people not knowing the truth,is evil.Jesus was against the people in the church who thought they were better than others.Greed,jealousy,all these things will take you to Hell.Wakeup people!

  • shane diesel

    Are the boys harmed? Unlikely. In fact they are lucky buggers. When I was 14 I would have loved it.