YG continues his crusade against racist police officers with his new song “One Time Coming.”

YG previously spoke out against trigger-happy policing with the final track form his Still Krazy album, “Police Get Away With Murder.” Obviously, the problem didn’t stop when he dropped track, so he’s back with another one.

On “One Time Coming” YG doesn’t take a confrontational stance, instead he urges “everybody start running” and “do the Forrest Gump, get away young n*gga” when the police come around. The most poignant moment of the song comes at the end when YG raps, “Think you hard with your badge huh, pop you a n*gga and you laugh huh/Think our lives don’t matter, ’cause our families scattered.”

Checking in at just under three minutes long, the track is dedicated to victims of police brutality. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know there’s more than too many of those.

Check out YG’s statement below.

Photo: Instagram

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