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Wrongfully Imprisoned For 8 Years


After spending close to a decade behind bars, two men have finally been released from their imprisonment and the state should be charged for kidnapping.

Detroit men DeShawn Reed, and his uncle, Marvin Reed have finally been released from their eight year bid as they entered court last Friday with new information that proves that they were wrongfully imprisoned.

The case of the Reed’s started back in 2000 when the two were put in front of a court and were convicted for an incident in which a man was shot resulting in his paralysis. The victim of the shooting was Shannon Gholston. Court records would show, however, that Ghoslton had first reported to police that he did not have an actual visual confirmation of the person that left him as a quadriplegic although he told investigators that the guilty man was Reed.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Patricia Fresard stated in court this new evidence was in favor of the Reed’s as they could no longer be held now that it could not be proven that they could be held responsible.

After further investigation was made by the Michigan Innocence Project, it was discovered that the weapon used on Gholston traced back to another man that subsequently resulted in the two being released from their charges.

Sadly, they will receive no type of relief or an apology financially as the state of Michigan has no recourse or compensation plan for those that are wrongfully place behind prison walls. That’s right, placed behind bars for eight years for something that they did not do and when everyone else finally realized it, it was only eight years gone with nothing to show for it.

DeShawn is a father to four children with two boys and two girls. Being ages 7, 8, 9, and 11, all of his children would have rarely known their father as they were too young to fully realize or weren’t even born when he went away in 2000.

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