Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quits Radio Show Amidst N-Word Controversy


Famed radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who recently faced harsh criticism for using the N-word on her radio show has decided not to continue her radio show next season.

According to published reports, Schlessinger stated on Larry King Live that she will now re-sign when her contract runs out at the end of the year, because she wants “to regain her First Amendment rights.”

As previously reported, Schlessinger came under fire after reportedly telling a Black woman who called into her show about her husband’s friends being racist.

In the rant caught on audio, Schlessinger complains that Black people are too sensitive and that Black people voted for Obama because of a “Black thing.”

During the duration of the conversation she used the N-word several times, justifying it by saying that “Black comics do it.”

After using the racial epithet 11 times in 5 minutes to make a point during her show, Schlessinger says that she is still “regretful” over the incident.

She also told Larry King that she felt her freedom of speech rights “have been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don’t want to debate – they want to eliminate.”


What do you guys think, should people, Black or otherwise be able to use the N-Word? Let us know!

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  • rusty

    It is sad that DR. laura had to go on a note like this one, this a very smart woman with a lot of wisdom and she calls it like it is. But she lacks of compassion and she is out of touch, you do not put people down when they are reaching out for help. In todays world with all of life’s bumps some time people need to talk to someone about their problems with out being judge , and that is the field the DR. laura have chosen and if she can not do that she needs to go.

  • DrLauragetsah*esitdown

    Dr. Laura appeared on Larry King Live and basically negated her “apology”. She isnt remorseful for the way that she treated the caller. She is sorry for the repercusssions that followed. If she was sorry she would have apologized to the caller once she said that she was offended. Dr. Laura has the 1st amendment right to say what she wants. She should be wlling to deal with whatever consequences that follow the words that came out HER mouth instead of trying to make herself look like a martyr. The word should never be used especially by a “Dr.” on live radio. Its called common sense. What did she think would happen? Smh. In short, to Dr. Laura I say, “H*e, sit down”. To ending her show I say, “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

  • Selma J. Frey

    I heard full conversation between Dr. Laura and the caller..
    Everything she said was true. Unfortunately, other
    minorities can say anything about Whites, Jews and
    Christians…..but the other way around – even if innocent.
    and not racist, it always seems to be taken out of context.
    If anyone objects to anything in current administration,
    they are immediately called racists. What the hell is
    going on? The liberals were allowed to say anything at all
    about Geo Bush…. Something terribly wrong is happening in
    this Country. My favorite words of Ayn Rand, “you can ignore
    reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of reality”

  • John

    She doesn’t understand the Constitution. The first amendment protects us from the government inhibiting freedom of speech. Groups complaining to her show about her is just consumers complaining. This is the very concept of capitalism and free markets, something conservatives are supposed to support.

  • Khem Saqa

    As a Black adult male Im not offended by the “N” word in the least, but I speak My mind when it comes to whites, jews and christians. I dont respect the anti-semetic claims of the Dr and her people and call into question anyones victumhood when used for power or profit. there are laws on the American books which protect jews from anti-semetic phrases, thoughts and actions which are used continuously to discredit people. On the other hand no specific law protects blacks, christians, catholics or any other group for that matter. The good Doc used poor judgement and now pays the price so what! she thought jew control of the government and media were shields enough, but she forced the hand of “allies” not smart play, such is life.

  • EmBee


  • jane doe

    they need to through that racist jew out on her head. it’s not only about the n-word it’s about her racism. what a ugly stupid hateful evil woman

  • It is a numbers game. Advertising. It is why I am not used to sell peanuts. You f-up you fail. Everything is about sponsors. It has nothing to do with the First Amendment. She opened her mouth inserted her foot and it is protected speech duh, no one denied her the right to make a schmuck of herself in public, thereby causing possible and to be avoided at all costs sponsor chagrin, and anyone whose bills are paid by advertisers Know This! (Don Imus anyone?). They decided they didn’t like her and have decided to drop her. That is a business decision, not a constitutional issue. She yammered on and on about Black Comics saying the “N-word”. There is your tip White America, if you are not a Black Comic…don’t say it.
    Stephanie Mcnealy

  • b

    why don’t yopu sorry a** ni**** go stop the crips and bloods from telling you what color syou can’t wear. That to be would be more constructive than bashing Dr.LS.
    Get a fu*** life!

  • John the Observer

    Yeah let’s just get to the point: Jews are some of the most vindictive, hateful racists on the planet. They have poisoned our fair country and they pretty much caused 9/11 and got us dragged into not only the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but indeed WWII. Many millions of Americans have died because if our blind toadyism towards the hook nosed money lenders…