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Swizz Beatz Creates "Illuminati" Cover For YRB


Swizz Beatz has created one of the three covers that YRB will be using in their next issue.

The hit producer who just wedded the lovely Alicia Keys, was generous enough to create a cover for YRB’s art issue.  However, those who are heavy in the belief of the Illuminati will definitely have something to say toward this.

Peep the cover below and let us know does Swizz have a creative artwork, or is this just another tease of those gosh darn Illuminati?

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  • aleximaq

    I have no idea…..

  • It’s scarier than a mofo..

  • D*a*m*n, I can’t say M*O*F*O ???

  • antiNWO

    That is a baphomet! A goat head! Smdh!

  • T

    Why is it that when someone doesn’t understand something, mostly art, it is associated with the illuminati. The illuminati rumors are stupid. Whenever there is a black person who is highly sucessful and rich they are automatically in the illuminati. I thought thats what we want for our people is to be successful– but we are dragging our own peoples name in dirt with this illuminati crap


    i agreee w/ T……this illuminati thing is out of hand!! i’m NOT goin’ 2 totally downplay it by sayin’ “it doesn’t exist”, but does E’RYDAMNBODY gotta be a part of this ‘secret society’!!!??? LAWD THESE N**KS CAN’T EVEN ISHT W/O SOME1 SAYIN’ THEY APART OF THE ILLUMINATI!!!!

  • Dapstylz

    To the idiot who said that the cover features a picture baphomet (i.e. goat head), you need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to identify different animals. you can tell by the shape of the skull, the presence of tusk that this is clearly the skull of a warthog.

  • TJ

    art is about interpretation. the cover can be construed to mean many things. of course, for those with slightly narrower minds, everything can be interpreted as illuminati. move on

  • Ms_Ukraine

    What the f is that??? Could be some kind of devil from upside down, I guess…But who knows…Looks like some bug with a spray on bronze gold of some kind…WTF…Just looks disgusting to me for some reason…

  • Ms_Ukraine

    And for those that saying it’s not illuminati – then wtf is it then??? Please DO tell including the explanation on how the f is this art…? thank you!

  • tonya

    Aww these nuggas playing off this illumanati BS because you People fear or interested in so they are acting off your own ideas> If an artist wants to know how to influence consumers all they have to do is read people crazy blogs and comment

  • Don

    Thats some dark
    sinister art..looks like pig or goats
    head.. I thinks swizzy should worship the illuminati along with proactive alecia and the lil demons their bearing..

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Well Illuminati or not why would I want to see something like that? Its not beautiful art. Its dark and demonic and it doesnt make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me feel sick and befuddled. So whether the Illuminati is apart of this or not I still dont like it.

  • Larisa

    Saying that it’s ridiculous because it’s every successful black person that are automatically in the illuminati Is completely untrue. Firstly it’s not just black people, it just so happens that the hop hop industry is prodomentley black and most people focus on hip hop with jayz ect. But eminem, Christina augularia and many more white people are involved, people in pop (predominately White) an many music genres not just black people. Secondly they stand there and throw up every symbol know to masonry illuminati so it’s not exactly like just cos they successful they get branded pfft go do some research!

  • It’s a warthog skull painted golden. The Illuminati, which includes the Golden Dawn and Bilderberg Group, includes a lot of white people too., such as the Bush family and Bill and Hillary Clinton are confirmed members of the Bilderbergs; Bono from U2; the Rothschild family; the Rockefeller family; Queen Elizabeth of England is a Bilderberger; Bill Gates went to last month’s Bilderberger meeting. These people are actually much more powerful members of the big umberalla group of the Illuminati than any musicians. Look it up.

  • c

    people shouldnt shouldnt idolize others anyway basically your saying that person is more important than your own thoughts