HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson was set to meet former NBA star Alonzo Mourning at a Miami public housing complex to discuss low-income dwelling and got stuck in an elevator while en route. Carson and his wife were eventually freed from the elevator by firefighters on the scene, creating quite a chaotic and bizarre scene but hopefully gave the fledgling Cabinet member some food for thought.

Local outlet WPLG reports:

He was meeting with Alonso Mourning at the Courtside Family Apartments when the elevator door wouldn’t open. Firefighters were called to free him.

Mourning is behind the development of the affordable housing project at 1699 NW Fourth Ave. that opened last year.

Carson is also expected to hold several meetings Wednesday and Thursday in Miami and Miami Gardens.

According to reports, the Carsons were stuck for around 20 minutes but appeared to be in good health as presented in some photos that have surfaced thus far.

Photo: screen cap/WPLG

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