The Migos are certified rap stars. Apparently, their mainstream fame has granted them the privilege of kicking it with Mike Tyson in the former boxing champ’s Las Vegas home.

Here is some gold from the interview, conducted by GQ staff writer Zach Baron:

Tyson, in a luxuriously pink leather jacket that he has clearly put on for this occasion, greets Migos at the door of his home, all Spanish tile and McMansion arches. He’s maybe slightly shorter than you’d expect. He leads us through the house and out back, past the swimming pool and the palm trees, to where the pigeons are, in a coop that smells of freshly cut wood. Inside, you can hear the birds softly breathing. Tyson takes Migos through his collection—the males and the females, the rolling pigeons who do somersaults in the air.

“And they come back?!” asks Quavo, incredulous. “They always come back?”

Mike says they do. It’s quiet for a moment. The Migos look at the pigeons, and the pigeons look back. Someone asks if any of these birds have names. “No,” Mike says sadly—a virus ravaged the guys back here, and ever since he can’t bring himself to individuate the pigeons more than he has to. “It’s real cool you guys came around, though,” he says.

Yes, there is video (see below).

Peep the full story right here. They touch on the now infamous Sean Kingston fade, but not really.

Photo: Courtesy of GQ

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