Stuntin’ with copious amounts of federal notes, foreign whips and beautiful women is the norm for plenty of rappers (more times than not their bank accounts don’t match, but that’s for another time). However, 2 Chainz took his own humble bragging to a more righteous level by revealing that he brought his a mother a new house. 

To be clear, the Hair Weave Killer had already brought his momma a new house before, this is the re-up.

“So I bought my moms a new house today for no reason , well it is a reason , she my momma ! I Bought her a house 2012 before I knew I was gone be one of the biggest artists out here …,,still!!! I love you mom you deserve it !,” wrote 2 Chainz in a caption for a loving message from his auntie, congratulating him on the power move.

Is Auntie going to get a crib next? At least a nice condo?

Props to 2 Chainz for building wealth and keeping it in the family. #message

2 Chainz’s new album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, is due out sooner than later.



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