President Trump has managed to evade his harshest critics by way of hiding behind the glare of a computer screen and angrily constructed tweets. However, a report from the Washington Post states that the former business mogul shared classified information with Russian officials in a visit last week.

The Washington Post writes:

President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.

The information the president relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said.

So basically, the Orange Overlord of Doom jeopardized a longstanding partnership and inside track on the happenings of the ISIS terrorist organization. The partner mentioned above did not authorize President Trump uttering the detail that was shared, which the CIA and the National Security Agency is now trying to undo via damage control efforts under the orders of the White House.

A source told the Post that Trump shared a piece of information so sensitive to the Russians that even America’s allies weren’t informed. However, the New York Times adds in its report that Trump’s action isn’t necessarily illegal, but the fact he didn’t get permission to share the information from the ally is seen as an offense by outsiders.

So, all you patriots out here who wanted a change in Washington, how do you like them apples?


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