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Swizz Beatz Talks Falling In Love With Alicia Keys


Swizz Beatz is reflecting on his love for his newlywed wife Alicia Keys.

The Ruff Ryders producer says he doesn’t see his wife as a famous songstress and instead concentrates on the spiritual connection they share.

He tells MTV’s Rap Fix,

“It’s a blessing…I don’t look at it as from a superstar basis. I look at my relationship with my wife as a union that’s just connected … spiritually. I’m not into the names and the superstars and this and that. I’ve been around that my whole life. It means nothing to me. It’s just about great people.”

When asked to describe the love he feels for Keys, he says,

“It’s just a feeling. Love is a word that’s powerful but the feeling is even stronger…To identify that feeling is something that’s amazing because it doesn’t only come from your partner. It comes from your love for music, your love for people, your love for a lot of things, and I think that once you identify the feeling of love, you’ll be a better person…I’m a better man. I think that having love in your life, it just has that effect. Because then you spread love. You can’t enjoy love without spreading love. I just think that it all falls in the pocket.”

In case you missed it, Swizzy’s new bride made our list of “Top Ten Wives And Girlfriends in Hip-Hop.”

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  • jessica

    they are so cute to me.. and i think its bout time that she has children cause i know she will be a great mother and wife

  • vickie

    @jessica how long do you think they will last?

  • atlqt


  • kim

    Wow!! God is on here!! must be my lucky day !! smdh

  • Kitten

    I had such high regard for Alicia but I can’t seem to get over this – she married this cheating chump – WHY Alicia there are so much better our there?!?!?

  • karla

    WTF did he just say? Dumber than MUTHAF#@$% rock! AK gets just what she deserves…after the fckn is done it’s gonna be a rap. Too bad you can’t stay in bed where it’s all good and he seems heaven sent. Real love is beyond the f@#$in!

  • Whatev

    I too was like what does love of music have to do with the bond between husband and wife? I’m a musician too, and loving your craft or your work has zero to do with being in love with a mate. He sounds confused overall. I couldn’t help thinking he was talking about Mashonda… “my wife”… lol, he needs to say Alicia’s name.

    • Shannon

      clearly you are clueless, it is having the love of music in common and the way that they feel about it. Good God, do you people actually think before you speak? I mean really? There is nothing confusing about that, when two people share a love for something and a deep understanding of it, it brings them close togehter, that is just one of the things that he mentioned. Ugggh.

    • Msgirl

      in response to what does music have to do with or passion for a craft have to do with it. I disagree. Me and my bf have the same passion for art. I fall in love with him every time i see the passion in his face. i feel warm in fuzzy when we speak for hours about our craft. We both know that its something we love, Something that is a dream to us. I love the idea of being inlove with the same dream as my b/f.

  • Kelly

    You people will never understand, it is not rocket science what he is saying, it is plain and simple, but when you read something and you already have hatred, contempt and malice in your mind, your mind is already blocked from understanding anything that the person has to say. Anyone with a clear, non judgmental level of thinking understands exactly what he said.

  • Kapri

    Swizz and Alicia are developing a new relationship and getting all things in line. Must be fun – they are enjoying themselves
    That’s the way love is
    The greatest is love – explore to the ends of the earth

  • itslala

    mumble jumble!!

  • Msgirl

    I love the idea of them!!! i love alicia i cant tell the future but i hope to see them work out!! Blessings

  • kaykay

    @ wilcherry lmao. i think that alicia is a very stupid person point blank

  • grannyfan

    In the words of Swizz Beatz “Who’s real? Who’s fake; those the type pf people I hate”. Swizzy dude, you wrote that song about yourself. When you’re tired of Alicia, you’ll be “On to the next one”. Home-wrecking Alicia too dumb to see that. The beginning of majority relationships start out smooth sailing because you’re infatuated with one another, but once reality hits and the “storms” of life come into your relationship, that’s how you know that the relationship will last. You’re still in the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase fades even quicker when kids are in the picture. I don’t think anything good will come from this because this relationship was built on a time when Swizz was having rough times with his ex-wife…if he couldn’t handle the rough times with her, how will he deal with it this time around with Alicia? But hey, maybe they prove all the naysayers wrong….and that’s like a snowball’s chance in hell.

  • missvalz


  • Jazzy

    Ignorance lives on with you lemmings, anyone with good common sense gets exactly what he is saying. A cynical, self hating idividual who has never really been in love would never get it!! And that’s sad


    I am happy for Swizz and Alicia. Finding true love is hard to find.
    Their bond is spiritual and their is a connection flows into every aspect of their lives.

    Their child is a result of that bond. Their marriage is based on their spiritual bond of love.

    Love is beautiful thing. You can the love between them.

  • Truth

    Kelly is correct.

    It is clear that the love Swizz has for Alicia is real. People refuse to acknowledge the something that is so real.

  • How Strong

    I pray their union last as long a racism, ignorance. prejudice.
    sefishness and injustice exist.

    May we all find a love to call our own.

  • Kelly

    A Blind man can feel the love between Alicia and Swizz that is how strong it is.

    Two people who come together in true love is a blessing!

  • Mia

    I got a little song I wanna sing in response to this… *singing* what goes around comes around what goes up must come down.