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Young Jeezy, Pusha T Criticized Over Lyrics About Murdered Yale Student


A line in a Young Jeezy song featuring The Clipse is raising eyebrows, now that an Ivy League blog is calling it “tasteless.”

The line is featured in Jeezy’s track “Illin” where Pusha T of The Clipse references Annie Le, a Yale student murdered in 2009 and found on her wedding day stuffed inside the wall of a school building.

While not mentioning the victim by name, T raps,

“No amount of record sales could derail this. Stuffing dead prezzies in the wall like that Yale Beyotch.”

Annie Le

IvyGate, a blog for Ivy league students at Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell and Brown, weighed in and calls the line “tasteless.”

“Since the song is pretty horrific, we’re hoping this will fade into the MP3 mists. It would be really sad if, a few years down the line, this was still kicking around (at) an Annie Le memorial.

Especially bad timing for Pusha, who just made it big by backing up Kanye at the VMAs on “Runaway. Come on mainstream hip-hop: we can deal with the drugs, prostitution, violence, horrible role-models, and insecure macho-posturing.

But making fun of a murdered young grad student? Really?

Would Hov or Lupe Fiasco (or even Ye himself) pull a move like this? We think not. Get your act together southern rap.”

One of the visitors to site had this to say about the lyric,

“Annie was an amazing girl. She had more class then Jay Jenkins (Young Jeezy)  ever will. She didn’t deserve what happened to her and this lame attempt at edgy rhymes is over the line. Our world is much worse for our loss of Annie’s talents and humanity. Making light of her terrible murder doesn’t make Jenkins “street” or “real” it just makes him an ignorant a**hole.”

Did Pusha take it too far with that line?

Listen below.

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  • top ramen shotta

    i completely agree. i thought the line lacked taste.

  • word

    stupid lyrics. even for a self-professed drug dealer and scumbag

  • Shebad

    Y would you even reference something awful like this in a song? Would you like it if someone rapped about your innocent dead loved one? I think that went a bit too far

  • LuckyP

    lol so i suppose the dis-approving comments which lack taste are that much better and politically correct?

    he didnt say her name..and “stuffing money in the wall” is far from uncommon..just so happened that she was the “yale bi***” was first to come to mind when referencing the prior line..

  • LuckyP

    and iHate you are correct..he is extremely intelligent..but my question to shebad is who is either of these two guys innocent dead friend?

    i seriously doubt you know anything you speak of at the moment

  • DaBoy iz here

    i like this song,nobody ever say nuthin bout other lines like,”blew the top off my whip like jfk” or anything else!!!!

  • dramatic

    ^Also why does the word N O B O D Y get censored? Nobody, see?

  • daddy

    if eminem said it its ok, if black guy says it AWWW helll no, i thought it was a very descriptive line

  • wuzzit

    @iHate , i don’t think that the fact that YOU had never heard of her, makes the line okay. People should stop acting as if being mentioned in a rap song is an honor.

    The line is extremely tasteless. A woman was killed and stuffed in a closet— A HUMAN BEING, SOMEONE’S DAUGHTER. SOMEONE GOD GAVE LIFE. And now there is a rapper calling her a b**** in her death. People have no class.

  • That trakk is bumpen!

  • DAs My NaM3

    Pusha said da shyt, not jeezy..damn

  • missvalz

    Have some respect country bammer for someone and somethings. Up north we know RESPECT the south needs to learn quick. And Em, Jay Z, Dr.Dre none of them would do a rap like that disrespecting the death of such a talented young lady who had a lot to offer the world.

  • cameron 323 la

    GO JEEZZZZZZYYYYYYY TM103 LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow really?

    Ivy league students listen to Jeezy? Its rap… What did you guys expect? All of it is tasteless.

    • killer klown

      if its all tasteless then why are you on a hip hop blog ??????

  • nobody

  • Jean Grey

    I didn’t know Annie personally, however her uncle & aunt live(d) up the highway from myself. I’ll say this; I am a true purveyor of hip-hop and everything it entails. I have sat and listened in horror as a Production Assistant for a rock music station as Marilyn Manson recalled the deaths of Shannon T. during album track selection sessions.

    I won’t justify Pusha T’s actions with the mention of MM. However, I will say that it was indeed in bad taste, just given the nature of her death in reference to his lyrics and the fact that it was entirely too soon. I am not saying that this one line would be acceptable to say a few years down the line, but rather that the pain is still very fresh and raw. I breathe, eat, sleep, sh!t, and love hip-hop with every fiber of my being & with the current state & scrutiny of this genre, we need to keep it as kosher as possible.

    They’ve been looking for a reason to discredit this movement since the inception, and what I gather from the comments; both pro & con is that it’s a matter of freedom of speech, but let’s not hand them a reason on a silver platter to justify that the type of music doesn’t belong in the history books for our children to read about, because we all know that hip-hop is currently on life support as explained in another article on this site.

  • missvalz

    killer klown it comes a time in life when we have to be more contious other than about a dollar. We are in the sign of times people so be more aware of how we treat one another thats all I am saying, make up a name damn. How you think her family felt.

  • why

    this is truly sad. It’s blatant disregard for the dead. In the rap community, if Tupac or Biggie were referenced in this way, other rappers would flip. But this was not a rapper spreading songs of corruption and degradation. This was a young woman working to make the world a little better. Regardless of the history, the meanings or the motivation behind anything, there comes a point where anything is capable of crossing the line. This is not creativity. This is a failed rapper’s attempt at expressing how cool he thinks he is at the price of disrespecting the dead and THAT crosses the line.

  • LA

    “Young Jeezy” – no talent, no class, cowardly cretin.

  • JJ

    This is ridiculous that people would be upset by this. I’ll admit the line is insensitive. So therefore I would probably not play it at any benefits for this girl. Its not like he supports her death or is really making light of it. It would be one thing if Pusha T went to Yale and then made the rap a few days after it happened. Also I think it is offensive to say this is a southern rap thing. Dr. Dre would never talk about killing right? Or Eminem? Wrong dudes. Pusha T isn’t supporting her death he is just making a pop culture reference to show how much money he has and that he is hiding it in walls. Also good song. Also what kind of memorial plays Jeezy? Was this really written by Ivy League students?… The message that I am getting is… “Shame on these ignorant southern black rappers for not respecting the life of one girl who died”. Its not like Pusha T and Jeezy have never experienced death and sadness. If someone doesn’t like the song don’t listen to it. But to look down on Pusha for the line seems like racism or at least classism. It doesn’t matter if she was rich or not. Its not like he was supporting the Holocaust. dang.

  • Charles

    This is a very poorly written article. Facts are no where to be found.

  • Mick

    What kind of info are u looking for? If it’s info about the case check out the wiki link.


  • dude

    How y’all know she was innocent?


    What could she be possible guilty of?

  • Marquita

    Y r u guys saying Jeezy said it wasn’t him. Pusha T was the one who said it. If u r going to make a comment please read the article carefully b4 u type anything in the comment section.

  • jerjorju

    I can’t those of you who say you never heard about the Yale student’s murder. It was a big national news story. Whether, you heard about it or not isn’t the issue so why bring it up? For the life of me I can’t figure what the line in the song is about. Why make the pain new for the victim’s family? Why call her a bad name? What does the murder have to do with Jeezy? Nothing? Then why did he put it in his song? It sounds to me like he has the same sick mentality as the killer.



  • Antonio Montana

    No women and kids, keep the women and kids out your rhymes….

  • Buckwildhb

    Why are ya’ll mad at Young Jeezy? I fail to see his fault in this…I understand why you would be mad at Pusha T…Everyone is their own man. I heard the song and the lyric went completely over my head and I forgot about the whole Annie Lee think. I would like to thank you all for opening both these issues now they both wont go away. I think you are helping the rappers more good job nailing a point in their favor.

  • dare76

    What about how people made fun of Micheal Jackson when he died? Eminem made fun of Elvis dying. What about when people hang nooses in schools??? Its all the same thing.

  • kandykane

    Its pretty ironic to call type music tasteless its like are u really expecting some sort or moral or tact? Really? All u can expect from ignorant people is ignorance thats it. Thats it…

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  • derrick

    I swear at times America’s double standards irritate me smh….


    I guarantee that had Eminem said the line I would have been just as pissed. I didn’t hear about the Chandra Levy line but obviously not referring to her in a derogatory way does take the edge off the line and makes it more of a topical reference and not playing the nature of her death for laughs. ( which is what makes the Annie Le line offensive).

  • Well then

    After finding these postings and looking up what he meant, I think it’s a shame that he even said that…The verse was already nice, and it would be nice without that line. He’s not the first in history to refer to someone that has died, but she hasn’t been dead that long, someone is still hurting over it…

    SIDEBAR: Clipse is nice, but they’re CD’s are trash because of the instrumentals. Lord Willin was about it, so when they guest on someone else’s track it’s usually what makes the song.