Jason Weintraub

Top 10 Fattest Cities In America (Is Your City On The List?)


5. Memphis, TN

Home of some of the best Blues, Country music, and BBQ on the planet, Memphis might be the definition of Southern BBQ.  However, they are also the definition of pork, as in they use more than any other city in the country.  With a city known for making ribs better than anyone else, pulled pork and wood grilled BBQ might have been one of the reason the King of Rock & Roll put on some pounds.

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  • Ms_Ukraine

    Texas and down South, huh? I knew Boston wouldn’t be on it though…

  • durrr

    Damn, Texas all over that list.

  • wrong charleston

    I’m sure Charleston WV is fat cuz I live here, but that basket of foot with the shrimp and crabs? Strictly Charleston South Carolina

  • Marquita

    OMFG, I am living in California and they are not on the list. They have muffin top every where you look.

  • ChrisP

    Son, that cake does look good though.

  • Droppin it like its hot since 1986

    Hmmm..no wonder they need so many more doctors/nurses/technicians,etc cause these ppl are eating themselves to death..this makes me want to run in the snow/rain/thunderstorm/etc just to make sure I don’t end up with clogged arteries….smfh

  • Jen

    OMG I think i seen more Texas than anything !!!

  • Msvlicious

    Ha Ha Louisiana Not On There And We Have The Best Food!!

  • GorgeousBeTheName

    Damn,wonder why this list is filled with down south cities. If these animals were working like us East Coast people they wouldn’t be on this list. Lucky Philly,NJ,New York,and etc weren’t on this list. Only ghetto,filthy,trashy southern cities. STOP eating and eat money.

    • .seco

      GorgeousBeTheName…shut ur corny azz up.

  • .seco


  • GorgeousBeTheName

    @Seco, Oh you mad huh? Get MONEY and STOP eating. Black, FAT BROKE a**.

  • GorgeousBeTheName

    Seco, shut ur wack a** up,PUSSC.

  • j

    Whatever, I’m from dallas and I’m a dime. The food is off the chain down here, but u can’t just eat every damn thing!

    • HealthFreak

      No…your probably a ton, not a dime.

  • HealthFreak

    I’m surprised Texas didn’t fill the WHOLE list.
    Boston’s not up! Yay!

  • Mj

    WOw, that man’s stomach cannot be real. It has to be a tumor. And some of that food displayed looks disgusting, I dont see how anyone can eat that crap! Looks like a heart attack on a plate.

  • Mabel

    I agree !!!! most of the food looked unappetizing, only the cake and the Mexican plate seemed intriguing. Ppl are fat because they want to be. Some ppl eat to live, others live to eat.



  • kc queen

    damn my city was on the list!

  • girly

    texas is officially the fattest state. lol

  • dina

    why does this guy has a fuking helmet on his head! lol

  • BBBEE25

    Damn Texas has good food and all but damn 5 cities on the list. I’m not surprised Texas made it on the list with all the fried foods and beef consumption.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Yes! Atl didnt make it. I can go back to eating my life away.

  • Get Real

    Funny TX has the most cities but the fattest state is Mississippi…

  • Get Real

    This study is off LOL….Austin didn’t make it because of population purposes and it s a hippie city and its known for organic and green foods…TX isn’t even the most obese state in the South…very misleading…but interesting nonthe less….um that show Biggest Loser stay taking contestants from San Antonio. sad part is it’s alot of military families in San Antonio and El Paso

  • true

    Glad nyc isn’t on the list. We have fast food everywhere but we commute a lot too so I guess that makes up for it. Btw, that food looks gross.

  • Kenneth Dyson

    I’m gonna make that cake my screensaver, yum.


    You wanna keep your figure Texas is not the state to live in lmfao. But that sandwich in Kansas City, MO slide looked good ha.

  • Tamara Grace

    I live in Corpus Christi and I work in the busiest Mcdonalds in the city- it really is quite terrible.

  • Justin

    This list should have been called “The Top Five Fattest Cities and a State.”

  • tx is fat

    Holy Cowgirl Shes so hungry shes about to eat herself! That guys stomach looked like he was having a baby! The food look like poop covered with cheese, except for that cake. gross!

  • pretty accurate

    I live in one of the cities from TX and must say that I see what you are talking about. While there are plenty skinny people, there are a bunch of people who seem to enjoy our food a bit too much. And who’s to blame them? We have some of the best bar-b-q and mexican food. Most people around here alternate between these two every day.


    Wow, Seattle aint on the list. we got a lotta fat up here. Guess I need to go down to texas to see some real bluber. Lol

  • Shelby

    Damn dallas only #4. Have some pride people and step it up a bit.

  • leahkaiulani

    edit on the Corpus Christi one

    “Do you like that cowgirl, Texas?”
    k thanks.

  • Jason

    Boston didn’t make the list, but it’s certainly flabby, and some of the fugliest unhealthy people I’ve ever seen.

  • uhohh

    El paso is #3 wow! I think its true especially when they keep building a fast-food joint in every corner! So were not just top #7 poorest city we came back and got top #3 most fat! I suggest people at least walk around a little the streets and parks are dead I see more people angrily trying to push other people out of there way in there cars. Exercise and healthy diet is good enough for anyone with willpower…

  • Rose

    wtf man corpus christ is the number one fattest in america, you people must be stupid or something.

    • Rose

      i mean its not