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US Apologizes For Infecting Guatemalans With STDs In 1940s Experiments


The investigation was called the U.S. Public Health Service Sexually Transmitted Disease Inoculation Study of 1946-1948.

During these vile experiments, the United States purposely infected people in Guatemala with sexually transmitted diseases.

Today the Unites States is issuing an apology for these heinous operations that were done over 60 years ago.

In a statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius acknowledges the US’s misgivings and offered its regrets saying,

“We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices. The conduct exhibited during the study does not represent the values of the United States, or our commitment to human dignity and great respect for the people of Guatemala.”

Guatemalan officials have yet to respond.

This sounds eerily similar to the Tuskegee Experiments conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama. In this experiment, U.S. Public Health Service recruited 399 impoverished African-American sharecroppers with syphilis for research related to the natural progression of the untreated disease.

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  • CDF


  • Well that should make everything all better now that we apologized 60 years later,, oh boy. It will be interesting to see more things we publicly apologize for over the next 60 years

  • understandingoverignorance

    Not a big deal back in the day the government infect men in Tuskegee Alabama with Syphilis

  • Knowledge

    Real talk the need to at least apologize for affecting US citizens and Africans with AID’s as well.


  • steve

    Based on this apology and the timing, does it mean that we’ll wait another firty years to hear an apology for HIV/AIDS? Have espect for man kind. The same ideology that was used in Guatemala is the same that was used for HIV/AIDS.

  • SMH

    “The conduct exhibited during the study does not represent the values of the United States”

    That must been the three year period when the U.S. was invaded by and conquered by Mexico!!!

  • tye tye

    We r still waiting 4 ours but wait da US doesn’t apologize 2 blacks !!!!!!!!

  • Realfolk

    Not a good look

  • MPK

    I wonder if there will be reparations like the nazis had to pay to Jews???

    If not why not???