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The BET Top 10 Rappers Of The 21st Century Debate (Do You Agree With The List?)


The BET Top 10 rappers of the 21st Century list was recently unveiled after serious deliberation by a Hip-Hop panel that was chosen by BET.

The list was revealed during an hour-long television special, and featured the hottest rappers of the past decade, from 1999 onward.

The panel selected by BET consisted of: Jermaine Dupri (Producer – ATL); Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (AllHipHop.com); Boy 1da  (Producer);DJ Diamond Kuts  (Power 99 FM – Philadelphia); DJ Greg Street (V103 – ATL); Tony Neal (CEO, Core DJs);  DJ Timbuck2 (107.5 WGCI – Chicago); Chloe Hilliard (Managing Editor/Social Media Manager, Vibe Magazine – NYC); and DJ Vlad  (VladTV.com – NYC).

Incase you missed it, here is the complete list:

1)  Eminem

2)  Lil’ Wayne

3)  Kanye West

4)  50 Cent

5)  T.I.

6)  Ludacris

7)  Drake

8)  Young Jeezy

9)  Jadakiss

10) Rick Ross

Now that you have seen the list,  Hip-Hop Wired is asking, do you agree on the list?

Does one album make you qualified as number 7 to be on the list that represents a whole CENTURY?  Where is Jay-Z?  Should Nelly be on the list?

Let the debate begin, and speak your mind on the comment section below!

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  • Huckle Buck

    1. Rakim
    2. Krs-one
    3. Nas
    4. LL Cool J
    5. Big Daddy Kane
    6. Tupac
    7. Icecube
    8. Scarface
    9. MC Lyte
    10. Any member of the Wu-Tang Clan

    Know your history!

    • noone

      @ Huckle Buck the list is 4 the best in the 21st century (last 10 years dude!) Read the title again before you get ya panties inna bunch!

    • Strait Blak

      Word Son… Have that list is wack and all wrong.

    • P.

      Secular: Scarface, TuPac, Ice Cube, Wu-Tang, Biggie, Lupe Fiasco, Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, kanye and of course Nas.

      Christian: Corey Red, Street Pastor, Cross Movement, Willie Will, E. Quipped, Kambino, B.Reith, Japhia Life, Mark J., Gospel Gangstaz, Lacrae, R. Swift

      Oops, thats 12 , mybad but I ain’t takin nobody off this list.
      Y’all aint even no Christians can rap did you? Check out Itunes

      • esteban blondet

        sorry but a lot of ur list is wack and un accured how eminem is in the top five?? are u serious yall people online is so retarted
        1big pun
        4jay z
        5big l
        6rakim/easy e
        7rks 1

    • Nemesis

      Eminem should be second place to Jay Z…surprisingly he aint even on the list….somehow i wonder if he’s got beef with the so called panelist..but one thing is for certain i am not gonna allow some lame assed panelist determine who my best rapper is..Jay Z is on top of em’ all..wassup!!!!!!

    • Lester Long

      FIrst off ppl, yall need to look at the title again…..we talking about the top rappers in the 21st century not of all times……Big Pun, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Easy E..really!!? N e ways here is my list

      1. Lil Wayne
      2. Eminem
      3. Young Jeezy
      4. Kanye
      5. Lupe Fiasco
      6. Rick Ross
      7. Drake
      8. Nicki Minaj
      9. Wiz Khalifa
      10. Gucci
      Bonus….. Kid Cuddi

      • Guest

        is this a joke??? that may be the worst list I have ever seen!

    • Ghostface

      Finally a decent list

  • Shakes

    The one major, stipulation for an artist to grace the list is that he/she could NOT have released an album prior to 1999. With that being said, we can fuss over who’s better than who, but at the end of the day, the list fell within the means of their criteria. Also, Drake does NOT belong on the list because, as of yet, he has not exhibited the longevity as the other artists have. He’s nice but its too early to crown him as the one of the GREATEST OF THE 21ST CENTURY. That’s like crowning Learn the best ever after his first season in the league. Get it? Based on said criteria, Nelly belongs on the list.

  • Shakes

    I meant Lebron in the sentence before last

  • realish

    1 wayne
    2 em
    3 50
    4 nelly
    5 luda
    6 kanye
    7 ti
    8 jeezy

    • Guest

      this must be an inside joke from the person above. There is no way 2 people have wayne as #1 WOW.

  • If they wanted to do a list on top 10 artists after 1999, they shoulda waited 10 more years. This list is too premature… some of these Artists haven’t even been in the game long enough to have a legitimate spot on that list and you’re already putting them in their little hall of Fame? The only reason they couldn’t go back before 1999 is because they know the list wouldn’t get past the 90’s with the exception of maybe Em and wayne

  • fuss

    Hellooooooooooo????? Did anybody read the criteria? Or see the show???? It specifically says that the artist could not have put out an album BEFORE 1999. That said, certain artists weren’t apart of the group that they selected from. So why are people constantly asking why Jay-Z, or Common or Nas wasn’t on the list? THEY DIDN’T MEET THE CRITERIA PEOPLE!!! However, Nelly should have definitely been on the list.

  • GEE


  • YB

    Where’s Game?

    • Guest

      Clearly everyone has lost there mind Game shouldn’t be on ANY list PERIOD!

  • Big Meesh

    I wanna know why the hell 50 Cent is on the list. Wtf has he put out lately that makes him worthy of being top 10? If we’re going based on talent and not recent success, why the hell is Ice Cube not on there? The Game? Where the hell is Bun B? Eminem is wack now, Lil’ Wayne has never been a great rapper imo…and 50 Cent REALLY?! Smh. If anything, out of all those people on the list, Kanye should be #1.

  • fuss

    They started out with 15 to 20 artists. Game was eliminated and so was Eve who was the only female on the list. Ice cube was not on the list because AGAIN, the artist couldn’t have put out an album before 1999.

  • Into music not image

    No need to complain, it won’t do any good. You should all know the game by now. Peep the judging panel you’ll see most of them are d.j.’s of corporate radio stations, think about how BET operates, and remember most of these artists on the list are signed to labels under Universal Music Group.
    The list has no real significance or merit. It’s just advertisement.

  • twetty

    50 Cent REALLY??/Epic Fail!!
    2.Lil Wayne
    4.Kanye West
    9.Young Jezzy
    10.Rick Ross

  • That guy

    Ughhhh shere the fu** is nelly!!! most def top ten wtf!!!!

  • bay area


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  • Na Na

    I got one question tho, where is LUPE FIASCO??? is

  • hickmanarms

    All of you all can say what you want but until you have experienced the fame and fashion you all would then understand the followers that one individual will accumulate.Trends are started, the crowd will follow and a leader as I call it is created. From that point on decisions are made bad or good that we are judged on. Also the quality of music comes into play meaning what is this leader portraying. We all can make great defensive for each lyricist but the # 1 question we should ask ourselves is this someone that can hold #1 slot ( in other words be the head voice for all of the hip hop nation)? My vote is that they all have failed the test. And if they reply, “that they are just keeping it real” there are not nothing real about publicizing our fashion, money, and hustles. “The games to be sold not told”-Snoop Dogg said that. See the game don’t change just the faces- Kim should understand that with Minaj. The game is a revolving door and the one individual that can remain in control of the door is #1. Finally I must applaud Humphy and the rest for the praise of Mr. Shukar for years now everyone has been held high and with sudden departure of this leader and even other members of his group this show how influential him and his team were. They basically controlled the door (hip hop). Outy 5000 thanks.

  • Abez

    Wayne shouldn’t be on the list if Jigga or Nas aint on the list. Wayne released an album in 1999 and the criteria is after 1999, so technically, he shouldn’t be here.

    • Teamcaptin

      you’re retarted.. 

  • trevthedev

    If em is on there and he released before 2000 then where are the Jay Z’s, Black Thought, Bishop Lamont, Median and so forth, but obviously if radio DJ’s choosem then this is what you’ll get. Drake!!!! Oh please. His a great singer

  • Izzy Isaiah


    1. Kanye West
    2. Eminem
    4. Nas
    5. Jay-Z
    6. Lupe Fiasco
    7. Lil Wayne
    8. Jadakiss
    9. Fat Joe
    10. AS FAR AS 50 Cent GOES I SECOND THAT… I’m going with THE GAME for the FACT that ALL HIS ALBUMS were CLASSICS… THE GAME > 50 CENT!!!

    • Guest

      You had me until you started typing. WOW!

  • LoveHater

    I would replace Drake with The Game…50 should be like number 11 and throw Fabolous in there…oh and some of these responses proves the point that Niccas don’t read! Criteria was 1999 until present…ANYBODY BEFORE THEN DON’T MEET THE CRITERIA! SO EFF YOUR LIST AND FOLLOW THE CRITERIA!

  • Jay Z not in the top 10. This list is a lil off base! Kanye should be #1 all day everyday.

  • Bud

    Drake should not be on the list, due to the fact he just dropped his debut album this year. How can U not put Nelly on the list just based on the sales of his first 2 albums. He sold more in his first two albums than everybody on the list. Fabolous should definitely be on the list too!

  • Dean Wamune

    Hey man as long as Eminem,Wayne, Kanye,Drake and Hov are there in that order then thats it.A little manipulation with the positions wouldn’t anything.

  • koffybrown

    I’m thru,with the list or any list for that matter.HipHop is DEAD 🙁

  • Pretty

    This is not hip hop anymore. A rnb guy is number 7. Let’s make a new name 4 it or just call it rap. Waka Flacka will b up there next year lol

  • Flamez

    This list is so biased. How did The Game get left off this list. His 1st album went double platinum. Rick Ross, Jadakiss, or TI 1st album did not go platinum. I would put The Game at least in Top 7. Take Rick Ross out. This list is some BS…no love for the West Coast.

    • JO

      games first album is 5x platinum

  • Blockburna

    I found that the panel was biased. We can judge and say what we want, but there is no way that Nelly should’ve been left off of that list. He flatout outsold everybody. ‘ Ain’t nobody moving unit except em pimp juice, and Us” as said by Jay-Z. Dude kept it real to his artform he didn’t copy anyone. Drake overhyped shouldn’t be on the list. I like and respect Jadakiss but what has he done to warrant him being on the list, str8 like dat. Game should also be on the list……..

  • ibra~da~hastlure

    I think 50cent,drake through em out of list . But ma list is
    1 em

  • A_Lil_Mama

    IDK what BET was thinking when they made this list. i mean what did they base it off of? wtf is jadakiss, 50 cent, and ludacris doing up there. And how in the world did eminem make #1? I agree with one of the men said on the show “if eminem was white you wouldn’t even care about him”. i think he get entirely to much recognition because he is a white man in hip hop. He is not a better lyricist that Lil wayne or Kanye. I love ludacris but i don’t think he should have been on the list just yet. Jadakiss? seriously. wtf has he done for hip hop lately??? I don’t understand why Rick Ross is number 10. Him and Jeezy should have been higher up on the list. 50 is garbage! don’t get it twisted, i was in love with his first album but everything after that was horrible. The only this he as given hip hop was a bunch of controversy.

  • WORD

    jayz was befoe 1999 but that list is ALL WRONG.

    • Guest

      The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)The Blueprint (2001)The Blueprint2: The Gift & The Curse (2002)The Black Album (2003)Kingdom Come (2006)American Gangster (2007)The Blueprint 3 (2009)

  • RD

    Why would Jay-Z not make the list? He is still in the game and if you are talking about sells they are there. If you ask how could Nelly not make the list again Nelly over Jay-Z.? Face it after Biggie’s death he stepped into the position we as fans put him there… So in my opinion he is the MJ of rap for his time and until he retires he should still be considered not #1 but at least place in the top 10 hands down… He was the trend setter that many followed admit it or not… So yea the list is wack and needs to really be looked at…

  • Jeovanny

    I think Eminem is in fact one of the most controversial rappers of all times and he deserves this spot, since he came out he has not spot. Kanye should fallow second. I do not think that Drake should be on this list at all, Lil Wayne put out on album in 1999 this should disqualify him automatically form the list. Now in days even judges are influence by what other rappers are doing in order to be cool. Lets face it Drake is on this list because he belongs to Young Money but he should not be there at all, Young Money Cash Money are influencing everyone and any one. Be unique and don’t be a follower, Jay-Z, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Biggie and many others are the best at what they do because they are original and do not imitate no one. i like Nicky Minaj better i think she spits better lyrics that he will ever do. But then again she has not put out an album yet. There is a lot more talent out there then what they put on the list. Like Dupri said he thought that this list was garbage and he did not agree with it and he was in fact one of the judges.

  • edu gee

    where are juelz santana,lupe fiasco,loyd banks, fabolous they need to be on the list

  • S dot

    Jadakiss should be #1, and styles p should be in the top 5. Jadakiss and Styles p are better than everybody on that list

  • Golden Child

    Drake doesn’t deserve to be on the list. He’s only been in the game for a little over a year. The only reason Drake is on the list is because he bought his way into the game with Degrassi money backed by Mommy and Daddy’s super fat wallets and connections. Any clown with money can buy their way into the game and get a ghostwriter and abuse Auto tune. This is the reason why it is hard to take mainstream rap seriously these days. Rap isn’t project poetry or the voice of the people anymore. How many folks in America today really have “money to blow”? Statistically speaking, the majority of people live paycheck to paycheck and these koons are on TV and the radio making tricking music. For shame.

  • The Truth

    That list was wack…here’s mine
    1. Eminem
    2. Kanye West
    3. 50 Cent
    4. Lil Wayne
    5. T.I
    6. Ludacris
    7. Young Jeezy
    8. Fabolous
    9. Rick Ross
    10. Nelly

    Here’s my all time list
    1. Jay-Z
    2. Notorious B.I.G
    3. Rakim
    4. Tupac
    5. Big Daddy Kane
    6. Kool G Rap
    7. KRS-ONE
    8. Nas
    9. Eminem
    10. Ice Cube

    • Guest

      Best List I have seen on this whole page!

  • mp

    The criteria for this list is stupid. They used things like businesses, money, and album sales to rate these guys. It was basically a “who’s the biggest star” contest. I dont care about your clothing line, or whether or not you drink vitamin water. At the end of the day, rap is all about lyrics. Hell, Drake is a friggin R&B singer, and he blew up about 6 months ago. He’s on this list with guys like T.I., Luda, and Em? Like I said, Rap is about lyrics. Period. If you want to have a “who’s the best businessman”, or “who’s the most promoted”, or “who sells the most albums to 12 year old girls”, do it next year.

    1. Eminem
    2. Jada
    3. Redman
    4. Luda
    5. T.I.

  • clipper

    No Jay Z?? Luda #6?? Something is wrong?

  • Dedra

    I agree with most of that list but I do think lil wayne should have come up on top & T.I. & Kanye West should be switched on the list.

  • Bud

    Hov couldn’t make the list because he dropped albums before 1999, but you’ll know even if he could’ve made the list they would’ve put him at #2 to the white boy. I’m not hating on Eminem but I’ve never been a fan, but he did murder Hov on Renegade. The light skin boy on the panel made a valid point, would we be talking about Eminem if he was black? Things that make you go hmmm.


    Wayne iz a joke y he be postin at 2 iz wack

  • smokiewight

    sorry,meg.you taslk about ppl should get some taste in music,but you say jeezy is a great rapper?i think maybe it is you who should have some taste in music.jeezy and wayne NEVER should be on this list.

  • smokiewight

    neither money nor album sales has anything to do with rap skills.while i agree jay should be on the list,he’s definately not no.1

  • salami

    1. Kool Moe Dee
    2. Egyptian Lover
    3. Sir Mix-A-Lot
    4. Fresh Kid Ice
    5. Ice T
    6. Ice Cube
    7. Roxanne Roxanne
    8. Roxanne Shante
    9. Q Tip
    10. Big Daddy Kane

  • POP

    BET….Black Entertainment Tainted

  • Real talk

    This is possibly the worst list ive ever heard, how can you have jada or drake or anyone like that and not have either the diplomats as a whole or juelz or cam’ron, not to mention NAS! whose song hip hop is dead, is basicly used in every lil wayne song ever saying some other way hip hop isnt dead its alive…

  • Letsbecivil

    1. RAKIM
    3. KRS ONE
    4. LL COOL J
    5. KOOL G RAP

    Everyone else

  • Alex the Truth

    lil wayne has no chance. the top 5 should have been 1- Em 2- 50 3- kanye 4- luda , 5- TI.

  • Bud

    My peoples, this list wasn’t about all time it was about the 21st century meaning if your first album came out before 1999, U R not going to be on the list even if you’re still making music now. Stay on topic ya’ll.

  • wow

    Jadakiss? Rick Ross? And I don’t think Jay z has done enough

  • WHITEY!!


  • War-TOWN Chick

    My Top 10 List

    1. Young Jeezy
    2. T.I.
    3. OUTCAST
    4. Field Mob
    5. Trick Daddy
    6. Ludacris
    7. Gucci Mane
    8. Plies
    9. TRINA
    10. RICK ROSS

    • Guest

      Plies your not being serious I hope?

  • Come on

    Is this for real…. This is the most unintelligent forum I have ever seen in my entire life. How do all you people not realize that this list was made for rappers that DID NOT put out an album BEFORE 1999! Stop arguing old rappers everybody knows they are the best but thats not what the list is for! I like this list….. 1. Eminem 2. Lupe Fiasco 3. Ludacris 4. The Game 5. Lil Wayne 6. Fabolous 7. Kanye West 8. Nelly 9. T.I 10. 50 Cent

    • Bud

      I thought I was the only one who realized this about people’s arguements.

    • ThisForumIsRetarded

      lol, i know right? this is seriously making me lack faith in the hip-hop world. can’t even follow a few simple stipulations. they’re making us look so stupid.

    • Mack

      Em shouldn’t be on te list if thats the criteria then cause he dropped his first album in 96 but it didnt do well at all. Wayne was around in 97 and so was Jadakiss. ja-rule first album was in 99 and he had some serious lyrics so let’s not forget about him. And Nelly outsold over half the list combined.

  • Ronnae

    They are so F****n dum…i mean How do you Not include Nelly.AND Jay-Z…But you include the people that Havent even bean around since the beginin of the 21st centurary

  • Ronnae

    This is some bull**** were the F*** is NELLY

  • JC

    Drake? Seriously? Drake? LMAO
    Wayne at number 2. Really? Besides, he’s been out since 98.
    Rick Ross? WTF?
    Young Jeezy? Are you serious?
    Jadakiss has been around for forever. SMH.
    But the biggest desparity isn’t who made it, it’s who didn’t make it.
    No Fabolous.
    No Lupe.
    And lastly no Nelly. The man outsold everyone on this except Eminem and he only gets a mention. Killed just about every time he dropped with the exception of these last 2 years, but he only gets a mention.
    Jay-Z can’t be included because he’s been out since 94 but deserves a mention. All the Blueprints went platinum. The Black album. Platinum. Kingdom Come. Platinum. American Gangster. Platinum.

  • jay1

    50 deserve to be on the list along with Game and Jay-z… maybe even Ja-rule if you wanna be technical. Nelly too…. were talking from 2000-2010. right….? Rick Ross better than Fabolous…. Drake better than OutKast…. this is a ten year period… I have nothing against Drake or Ross. cause they are the hottest right now. but over a ten year span… Im not gonna give them that much credit.

    • Bud

      Ja Rule, Jay-Z & OutKast had albums before 1999, that is what they’re basing it off but I don’t see how they left Nelly off the list, that has been my arguement from the beginning.

  • Da.Route

    All this garbage about Lif eminem was black, no one would careL is crap. Lil wayne is black, and people care about him…Em is the best lyricist out there, that’s why he’s number one. And he is the best selling rapper of all time for a reason.

  • maru-chan

    Wait, wait, wait.

    I like Jay-Z. He’s an OK rapper. NOT the greatest. Not even close. Lets keep it ALL THE WAY REAL. Jay was one the hardest rappers alive in the mainstream, Reasonable Doubt is my favorite work by him and that was his debut album. He was fly until The Blueprint.. Then part two [wamp wamp wamp]. And that was 10 years ago. Jay-Z is a predictable rapper and his flow is unoriginal these days [I don’t give a damn what you drink or what you drive, whats good in LIFE ni99a?]. Real hip-hip is asleep on HOV.

    The critical acclaim and d!ckriding is unecessary.

  • maru-chan

    Jay has brought alot to Hip-Hop, decent new artists, even better albums. But you aren’t talking about that. NO ONE is talking about the SUBSTANCE of these whack rappers albums. If that what we were talking about then yeah, Jay would be on the list [but he wouldn’t be ranking] and that list BET and those other meatheads put together would be scrapped.

  • Youngerthanmyage

    Aw man, why Soulja Boy didnt make the list?

    • leah

      @ youngerthanmyage LOL you’re funny omg

  • Mike B

    Doesn’t make much sense to me why have a list of greatest rappers in a century that stipulates to exclude a rapper that has appeal across century/decades. Secondly, eminem, lil Wayne, jadakiss, nelly, and ludicris all have albums prior to 1999. This is most stupid and irrelevant so called intellectual exercise I have ever witnessed grown men and women waste there time with not because of the subject matter but the criteria and lack of qualification of the judges.

  • Wow I seen the very end of the show and was interested in who exactly made the list and once I seen this list I am shocked ! What the hell is going on ??? No Jigga ??? I mean seriously y’all need to take the list and shove it up ur *** !

    Here is the list they meant to put out…

    It takes an Icelandic native to correct this crap ! That’s just sad. Y’all idiots need to go back to producing or work the radio or whatever it is y’all idiots do. Need a judge for anything holler at me B.E.T !!!

    #1 Eminem (Hands Down)
    #2 Jay Z
    #3 50 Cent
    #4 Lil Wayne
    #5 Outkast
    #6 Kanye West
    #7 T.I
    #8 Nelly
    #9 Paul Wall ( BAD MOTHERFU**** )
    #10 Slim Thug

  • Bud

    I give up, my people the list is about rappers who dropped there first album in 1999 and beyond. If your album dropped before 1999 you will not be on the list or be in the discussion. Ya’ll see top ten and think all time, that’s not what this list was about.

    • ThisForumIsRetarded

      THANK YOU!!! God, people don’t read

      • PH

        I scrolled down, and as I said, “Damn, people don’t read”, I read your comment and the one above yours. Thanks for being the smart ones of the pack who actually read/listened to the qualifications of being on the list!

  • Bri-Bri

    I was about to raise some MAJOR hell because Jay-Z wasn’t on the list, but I missed the airing, && wasn’t aware of the criteria, so I guess it’s all good. But as for the last 10 years…Nelly DEFINITELY should’ve been on the list. && where’s Lupe?? Lupe can out-rap 50, Drake, Luda, Kanye, all of those kats. This list is bias as hell. This list is just janky…I quit with BET.

  • shantiboog

    Damn BET sleepin on Fabolous… smh whack list

  • Where is Wiz Khalifa’s name!!???

  • Michael Beaver

    1. Eminem
    2. Jay-Z
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. Kanye West
    5. Drake
    6. Rick Ross
    7. Twista
    8. 50 Cent
    9. T.I.
    10. Young Jeezy

  • Naomi

    I agree with lots of the picks, but not some others….my list would have looked like this…

    1) Eminem

    2) Kanye West

    3) Jay Z

    4) T.I.

    5) Young Jeezy

    6) Lil Wayne

    7) Ludacris

    8) Twista

    9) Lupe Fiasco

    10) Snoop Dogg/50 Cent



  • Naomi

    I want to change my list…I agree with others, Nelly should be in there….somewhere in the top 5….on a personal lever, I’d knock Lil Wayne down a few notches and remove 50. I also think the Game should have a spot in there somewhere.

    I don’t know how the heck Drake made it on the list….good singer, but he’s still new and does he rap???

  • Naomi

    And if the list went to 15, I’d have to throw in Pitbull (who I think deserves a spot far before Drake), Lil Jon & Flo Rida (he’s growing on me!).

  • bmarcushook

    There is a difference between a MC and rapper.They have no SUBSTANCE What one those artist songs you would want to hear ten years from now.Black Thought from the Roots been a consistance for 2decades and still relevant. Nas and DMX battled and murdered Jayz. Mos- Def Talib Common & Rakim RIP Gangstar. The original list theyare POP artist. MC ‘S are LYRICAL ASSASSINS.

  • Flash

    2)Lil Wayne
    4) Kanye West
    6) Young Jeezy
    10)Rick Ross

  • Flash


  • I’m sooo happy Eminem is a HARD worker and totally deserves this

  • ThisForumIsRetarded

    I can’t believe everyone’s complaining about how bad this list is but no one can actually make a better one while FOLLOWING THE RULES. The artist’s debut album had to be released after 1998. That means no Jay, no Nas, no Outkast, no Snoop Dogg, and obviously no old-A$$ legends like Rakim or LL Cool J. Also, Jada and Wayne are eligible because the albums they released before 1999 were albums they made with their groups, not solo albums.

    So with that said, if I had to stick to strictly mainstream artists, my list would look like this: 1. Talib Kweli 2. Kanye West 3. Lupe Fiasco 4. Eminem 5. Game 6. Ludacris 7. T.I. 8. Pusha T 9. Jadakiss 10. Lil Wayne

    And if I could include underground artists, it would look like this: 1. J-Live 2. Talib Kweli 3. Deacon the Villain 4. Natti 5. One Be Lo 6. Qwel 7. Kanye West 8. Elzhi 9. Cise Starr 10. Wordsworth

  • MattSandz

    1. Fabolous
    2. Fabolous
    3. Fabolous
    4. Fabolous
    5. Fabolous
    6. Fabolous
    8. Fabolous
    9. Fabolous
    10. Fabolous

    Nobody can touch this man. hes the best Lyricist in the game. waaayy UNDERRATED. Nobody can keep up with his metaphors and clever one liners. The mans dope. NEEDS MORE RESPECT. Its soo stupid that part of the votes were based on “twitter followers” so stupid. obvously the newer rappers would win in this category. LOSO all the way.

  • Nita

    The list is overall horrible. The time frame is from 1999 to now, but Drake makes the list with his debut album having been out a grand total of only 4 and half months. I’d take Rick Ross over Drake on this list, but I’d take Soulja Boy, Fabolous, Game, Bow Wow, Lupe Fiasco and Nelly over Rick Ross. Wayne’s waaaaaaay too high and Ludacris is too low. The main problem with this list is that the majority of the panelists’ careers don’t even span the allocated time frame so they have very short memories. They knocked some rappers for not having as big an internet following as others completely forgetting the fact that MySpace wasn’t big until 2005, Facebook until 2007/2008, and Twitter in 2008/2009 though it was invented in 2006. That being said, rappers that dominated in the early 2000s wouldn’t have as big a following on the internet as a guy like Drake or Wayne. And by some rappers I mean Nelly. Lyrically the top 5, based on the criteria given, would be Eminem, Lupe, Fabolous, Kanye, and Luda in no particular order. Everybody else can fight for 6th place.

  • ummkelekaila

    Ummm…why did they call this list top ten of the 21st century? A century is 100 years. Some of theses dudes are just strating to get good….As for Eminem.. HES NOT EVEN REALLY DOIN NUTHIN!!!! 50??? NO! RICK ROSS!!!!???? WAIT A MINUTE….RICK ROSS??? >…<



  • mac

    Excuse me???

    Where is Busta Rhymes, Flip Mode?
    Where is Mase?

  • Jonny


  • steven

    the list is good but i think kid cudi should at least be number 10.

  • Student

    1. Jay Z
    2. Em
    3. Kanye
    4. Nas
    5. Ice Cube
    6. Lil Wayne
    7. T.I.
    8. Snoop
    9. lupe Fiasco
    10. Ludacris

  • Scippio

    All i said is if Lupe is not included your list is not valid and if hes not 1 or 2 then u mustv not haave really listened to him.

    5.Kanye his first album
    8.Lil Wayne
    9.Andre 3000
    10.50 Cent

  • Oscar

    My Top 10 of the 21st century
    4.Kanye West
    5. 50 Cent
    8.Lil Wayne
    9.The Game
    10.Young Jeezy

    • dk

      that top five is perfect

  • ZMS

    3.Lupe Fiasco
    4.Kanye West
    7.50 Cent
    9.Lil Wayne

  • billy

    that was the dumbest list ever…how could anyone mention rap without Jay-z in the sentence? the list goes:
    10)rick ross

    50 is garbage now…he’s a singer….luda is a clown rapper(no disrespect meant) he just aint serious…nelly is in the same category as 50…used to be hot, but just played out now. neither one of the has dropped anything with substance in a long minute…neither has Nas, but Nas has got the inventory to back him up…I will say he’s serioussly due…J needs to break his balls again to relight a flame up under his A$$.


    This is my Top 10 Rappers 😀

    1 . EMINEM
    2 . DMX
    3 . MOS DEF
    4 . JADAKISS
    7 . STYLES P
    8 . GAME
    9 . CASSIDY
    10 . T.I.

  • Charlie Esco

    BET doesn’t know what Hip Hop is, notice that there’s only 2 rappers on that list from NY, and NY created the art of Hip Hop we 4got about the origin of the art these down south rappers don’t know what they’re doing NY needs to get its shine back on

  • mike

    my top 10
    1 tupac
    2 biggie
    3 mase
    4 jay z
    5 nas
    6 ll cool j
    7 ice cube
    8 snoop dogg
    9 lil wayne
    10 eminem

  • Leo

    I must say that the list is quite flawed. I realize the criteria would mean artists with albums prior to 1999 wouldnt be able to be on the list but then wayne and em shouldnt truly be on it either. However since the diea is best rappers for the past DECADE, I feel that doesnt eliminate the older ones, rather depending on their longevity and ability include them counting only the past decade.
    My top ten would consist of:
    Em, Jay-Z, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco, Jadakiss, Mos Def, (and you can round out the final three cause I cna think of a few deserving of it)
    BUT Rick ross, young jeezy (who half his lyrics dont even rhyme <.<) , and drake would NOT be on there.

  • esteban blondet

    1big pun
    2biggie smalls
    4jay z
    5big l
    6rakim/easy e
    8ice cube

  • esteban blondet

    yo people first it all how u have eminem or wayne in the top five?? yall so stupid and dont have no hip pop knowleged i need to school yall
    big pun
    jay z
    easy e
    method man
    ice cube

  • Aya

    (1)Rick ross (2)Kanye West (3)Eminem (4)T.I (5)50 cent (6)Jay Z (7)Lil Wayne (8)Waka Flocka Flame (9)B.o.B (10)Tyga

  • Michelle

    I agree!!! Eminem is the best, and will continue to achieve great things:) I love Eminem he is the best rapper. With out a doubt every song on my iPod is Eminem, n on my YouTube favorites list. All you haters out there don’t know crap!!!

  • 1. Kanye west
    3. T.I.
    5. Fabolous
    7. Styles p
    8. Beanie sigel
    9. Cassidy
    10. Rick Ross

  • Dmac

    as much as i would like to agree with what some of the people are saying but we have to remember they said 21st century but i definitely agree that j should be on this list though and 2 certain ppl how da hell u not have pac as da #1 on yall list yall seriously think that there are people better than him

  • Darron

    1. Eminem
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Kanye West
    4. T.I.
    5. 50 Cent
    6. Fabolous
    7. Rick Ross
    8. Nelly
    9. Ludacris
    10. Jeezy

  • This is such excellent info, I’ve been searching for articles on this subject for very some time now. Following searching for a couple hours I’m actually glad that I’ve had the chance to find this! Thank you..

  • Dj dinox

    My top ten is 1-Eminem 2- T.I. 3-Jay Z 4-Nas 5- Kenye West 6-Lil Wayne 7- 50 cent 8-Ludacris 9-Young Jeezy 10- The Game

  • Dbldarexover21

    yo the reason some of the rappers you guys mentioned arent on here is because there debut album had to be made after 1999

  • i  hve  sme  prob  with  htis  rankx.where  d  hell  is  Jay Z!!!!!!i  think  Wayne  shud  launch  in2  babysittx.this  is  d  rankx:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Eminem                                                                                                                                                                      

  • guest

    really? you dont have Lupe or Jay z?

  • Killy

    1. 50 cent

  • Memorial2011

    this is the dumbest fuckin article lol..jay-z is the goat and has stats to prove it. whoever wrote this should be tarred and feathered

  • boss

    Boss : no Jay z no Nelly come on…. drake is good but for him to make dis list over them two it is crazy madness

  • Bob Miller

    I agree with no.1 but Lil wayne should be down at 10 and Jay-Z should be at NO.2

  • jyenchak266@gmail,com

    1. Jay-z
    2. Eminem
    3. 50 Cent
    4. Nas
    5. T.I
    6. Lil Wayne
    7. Kanye West
    8. Young Jeezy
    9. The Game
    10. DMX

  • Bob

    1. Eminem

    2. T.I.

    3. Nas

    4. Jay-z

    5. Kanye West

    6. 50 cent

    7. Icecube

    8. Scarface

    9. Dr. Dre

    10. Lil Wayne

  • Big D

    Eminem definitely should not be number one. He has 6 ghostwriters and buys all his beats. Only suburbans Like him and Wayne shouldn’t be kn here either. Where’s the good rappers like nas, tupac, bigge, big L, rakim, and others. I would expect better from a BET list.

  • avalgirl