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The 10 Dumbest Cities In America [Did Your City Make The List?]


7.) New Orleans
Although known for lavish Mardi Gras celebrations on Bourbon Street, New Orleans is considered one of the dumbest cities in America.
Obviously still struggling from the adverse effects of Katrina, only 26.2 % of the population has college degrees.
New Orleans however is often commended for being one of the “most unique” cities in America.

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  • Krusher Kronkite

    A crying shame isn’t it? Black people are probably responsible for this list. It seems book are like Kryptonite smh!

    • Andrew

      Actually, no. You’re just racist.

  • nooname

    So let me get this straight…Not having a degree makes you dumb? Hmmmm….Let’s ask Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg…GTFOH!

    Not having a college degree that puts you in major debt and may or may not get you a job does not make your dumb…Ironcially it makes you smart….By experience and I have 2 degrees…but can I compare myself with Bill Gates? Wish I could but I can’t…

    Who even came up with this stupid data and who named it the America’s dumbest cities? EPIC FAIL…



  • I have to agree with “No Name”. Having a degree is desirable, it may give you a heds up but there is no guarantee that it will and lacking one does not mean one is dumb.

    Plus there is no mention in this report of those that have various Certificates, Associate Degrees or even those that attended college but perhaps didn’t obtain a 4 year degree.

    This report is definitely bogus. President George W. Bush has a 4 year degree from Yale and a member of “Skull & Bones” and yet is dumb as a box of rocks.


  • LaTanya

    So you show city sky lines and downtown views for all the other cities but, Detroit gets two abandoned houses for it’s picture…….yeah ok!

  • k


    If you don’t have a degree ,you are dumb and don’t have the dedication to finish school. You just named the very few exceptions to the rule you college dropout criminal.

  • Wait a minute! My beloved hometown of Los Angeles belongs at the top of this list. You guys just arent counting illegal aliens or something. Look at our Mayor Viva La Raza, look at our city council…there is no dumber collection of humans on the face of the Earth. The city is totally mismanaged and effectively bankrupt. Our streets are filled with unemployed college grads trying to use their philosophy degrees to wangle a job at the drive-thru window at Burger King. We spend billions on useless redevelopement projects and have nothing to show for it…isnt that stupid enough for you? Riverside…PSHAW!

  • Jonathan

    Hip Hop is for uneducated idiots so I’m sure most people who surf this site live in one of these 10 cities.

  • The Texan

    Yeah it is true about San Antonio but they are towns in Texas where they are worst, and one of them is El Paso. A small city of dumb drivers that stop at green and they go on red and later they are whinning and blaming it on the victim that they crash. El PAso and san Antonio are very alike.

  • Mz Barbir

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  • Clayton Sugg

    I wonder what data you are using? Merced, CA has been rated as the dumbest city in the USA twice in the last 5 years I believe. Highest rate of illiteracy and lowest rate of test scores.
    Recently it has been rated as also one of the top three most miserable cities in the USA because of the poverty and unemployment. Do not know where the stats for things like this come from.

  • trav clinton

    who ever wrote this article FU#k you!!! how you play Detroit like that!!!!! showing two raggedy houses…yall just some haters.

    what about ATL ? all them ni66as aint the smartest even tho they have morehouse and spellman !!!!!

  • Wtf_79

    I know that I may be slightly late with this, but the #1 position for the dumbest city in America has to be this small town named Martinsville, Virginia-not because half of the 13,000 people don’t possess a college degree (which doesn’t make a person more or less intelligent), but if you ever visit that town, some of the folks there are just plain stupid. If you ask someone in Martinsville not to do something, they’ll do the opposite of what you told them NOT to do. They don’t even have to know you very well and they’re ready to invent lies and spread rumors about you that aren’t even in the ballpark of being true. Not to mention with the tons of bible thumpers there who push you into going to their churches/worship centers (whatever happened to freedom of religion-it apparently skipped this small town!). Along with the high unemployment rate (the highest in the state of Virginia to be exact, even more so than the bigger cities such as Virginia Beach or Richmond), there’s not too much going on in that small, dull, lifeless town. There is however, a NASCAR racetrack which brings all kinds of race fanatics to that town, but after the race is over, it’s back to being it’s sucky self. I had the unfortunate time of living in that town for awhile, and let me tell you, you’d do better living in North Korea! I’ve had people that I didn’t even know come to my house and ask to use my microwave-meaning they wanted to take it out of my house, along with strangers wanting to use my shower! Slovenly women get high praises, while the really truly good women get ignored or get harassed. And for Pete’s sake, don’t ever get any pizza delivered to your house-half of your neighborhood will be over your house, begging and wanting some (along with anything else you might possess) when they don’t even think about you any other time! It was truly a nightmare living in that small town and I’m so glad that I don’t live there anymore! I definitely would not recommend anyone with any good common sense to move to Martinsville unless they want their peace of mind to be taken away (no wonder that town has a very high suicide rate as well as a high number of mental illness cases)! I surely found out the hard way about that area!