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Waka Flocka Flame Shuns Baracka Flacka Flame Parody, Calls It Disrespectful


Waka Flocka Flame is speaking out on the parody of his song “Hard In The Paint” by the Presidential look-alike Baracka Flacka Flame.

Waka spoke with the New York Times about the controversial “Head Of The State” spoof that shows The President and “Michelle Obama” hanging with gang bangers and smoking marijuana and says it’s borderline disrespectful.

“That they used it to be so sarcastic; it was almost a form of disrespect.”

The Times points out however that the rapper shared the video with his Twitter followers; a move he said was only to “let other people see how ignorant other people can be.”

The publication also talked to his mother and manager Debra Antney who says she personally called WorldStarHipHop to have the video removed to no avail.

“That’s not a positive image for us, period, as African-Americans, where we came from, where we’re going today.”

Yes, because Waka Flocka is the complete antithesis to this parody, just the positive image we need.

Oh please…

The star of the video, now identified as comedian James Davis, say he hopes the President will one day get to watch the video if he hasn’t already.

“I don’t know what it takes to get to Obama. If the White House is like other businesses, other offices, he probably knows about it. Maybe it’s on his to-do list: fix the economy, health care, watch this link.”

As previously reported, the video hit the net last week and has sparked controversy for its lyrics and message.

In it Davis and Jefandi Cato, who plays Michelle Obama, are seen in a rough neighborhood with locals, much like Waka Flocka in the original.

In one scene “Oprah Winfrey”, The President’s “muthaFawkin n*gga”, makes an appearance before they all take a break to get ice cream.

Check out Baracka Flacka Flame’s “Hard In The Paint” parody below.

Is it disrespectful?

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  • Boss Hawg

    And your music isn’t?

    • Matt

      It’s a joke people! Every president in history has been made fun of.

  • sweetness

    ok. we all know how waka’s music is. But to put our president in that bs is beyond disrespectful. I mean come on. Alot of ppl already don’t take our president seriously so I don’t see the comedy in this at all. That makes us as african americans look like a joke. It’s time for us to get some common sense and realize that the things we do for comedy can subsequently affect us for the worst. You don’t think that white ppl and other races look at this and are laughing and ridiculing us? I’m so sick of us being so ignorant.

  • mike


  • Tyrone

    That wasn’t music. That was flat out ignorance on display.

  • sweetness

    Oh, by the way, it’s black folks like YOU that don’t take things seriously and wanna bash on black folks like me who don’t find humor in all this foolishness, that are the problem. HUN.

  • Realfolk


  • MiMi

    LMFAOOO @ Wacka….. Dude…. your music alone has taken our race back 100 years… get the F over yourself lls…. u posted it on your twitter so all your followers could see cause you thought it was FUNNY n u know it your pulicist probably told yo to say this Shyte… GTFOH LLS!!!!!! STOP FRONTIN TRYIN TO MAKE YOURSELF NOT LOOK LIKE THE BAFOON YOU ARE!!! I’d still do ya tho…. you got some nice lips 🙂 HAAAA

  • prettygyal

    Waka can you spell disrespectful.. how are you gonna talk about disrespect and your music isnt you lowlife idiot ! the guy who did it as a joke like your career and you take it seriously how sad

  • Ms. Clark

    It is super disrespectful. Although Waka Flaka is a baffoon in many circles- he is not one to disrpect the head of state. Thumbs down on this comedy.

  • Got Jokes

    where you at
    where your trap
    you aint hood nyggah!

  • izzy

    So you cant make fun of him because hes Black but how many parodies of Bush are there?

    If Black people want to be treated equal than they should get made fun of too.

  • That Guy

    Waka Flocka is the one being disrespectful because he is a fake MC. He should be mad at himself for bringing that garbage to the rap game… REAL TALK!!!!

  • Momma

    Everybody vote this on BET’s countdown.

  • Amazin Atheist

    There is nothing about his image that says it’s positive, I’m just saying! Hope he was joking!!!

  • MacLovely

    I loved it!!! It was funny. MadTV, SNL, and others been doing it so there should be no problem to this one. Obama is human like the rest of us (hopefully) and should laugh at himself every now and then. The n*gga part comes from all rappers so hop on them before anyone else because its just a mimic and not the end of the world!!!!

  • You dont even VOTE


  • Devrocketeer

    Just because Barack Obama is the first president of African-American descent doesn’t mean he’s politically free from any type of lampooning, people have to recognize that he’s just a person and that comedians didn’t JUST start doing sociopolitical commentary, this has been going on for ages. Did people really expect black people to stop making jokes about the president just because the most recent one is black? Really?

  • SeeAmericaFirst

    Really, kid? THIS is disrespectful? Out of the entire body of work in hip-hop and rap, out of all the violent, disrespectful, vile lyrics … and this has your boxers in a wad? Get examined … please. Obamacare or no, you need a mental health day at the very least. This is called political satire … or satire of some sort. After years of having dished it out with relative impunity, this is what it feels like to get some back. It’s bloody hilarious! You feel this perpetuates stereotypes and want to clean up same? Start with yourself. “Not a positive image … ” one of the funniest lines since Richard Pryor walked the Earth.

  • Fallen Angel

    Lap dogs doing what they’re trained to do. Calling some of these people artist is an absolute sham. Agent provocateurs is what they really are.

  • Imari

    Ms. Debra, I think if you would have not let your son drop out of school so soon he himself would have been a positive image for African-Americans. C’mon now do ever listen to your son speak on interviews, oh I forgot he get it from you!!!!! It’s all harmless comedy just laugh it off HA HA HA!!!!!

  • Henni

    something is wrong with yall. All i can say is I hope you COMMENTERS come out to vote this TUESDAY!. you know actually VOice your opinion when it MATTERS cuz right now it doesn’t.

  • ceazs

    keeping it real he is tha head off tha states and run tha tha miltary so if u want beef i got something for

  • black-ice80

    Come on son. This isn’t even worth discussing. We have bigger deeper issues as country. Waka Flocka’s music is only hot to people that really don’t know anything about what REAL music is. As far as the President Obama goes, I think he has too many other issues on his plate to deal with then the parady video. People are too damn sensitive now a days. Live, Love and Laugh…dammit.

  • J

    I think Waka Flocka secretly wants to be Fozzy from The Muppets; His famous quote was “Waka Waka”. and then someone would throw a tomato at him! LOL! I wanna throw a tomato at Waka Flocka. that’s a stupid name for a so called rapper.

  • zhizhi

    lmao!! dude with the comb stuck in the taco meat on his chest!

  • Donna

    He just mad cause he not the one doing it, it’s actually funnier than anything he’s done.

  • This video is not disrespectful.
    I think waka’s just upset because this video had more hits on YouTube then his.
    You guys need to take a step back and realize that it’s just a comedy thing.
    Poking fun is an everyday thing.
    An as far as I know Barack Obama has not sent out a reply for this.
    At the most I think hell laugh it off.
    Hilarious good job

  • Stephanie

    lol i didnt think it was disrespectful because i never even thought it was making fun of barack. i thought it was making fun of wakas dumb a.s.s. (by showing how ridiculous it would be to show the president in the same light waka represents himself in)

  • jess

    Damn. Why can’t ya’ll just laugh and get over it, there are a lot more important things going on, you idiots.

  • He just mad cause Baracka Flacka Flame’s remix was better.


    Waka Flocka Flame is basically retarded so i wouldn’t expect much from him. The best part though is he disrespects his own race on every song he makes, his songs aren’t borderline disrespectful, they go way past that. You have no talent Waka, leave my people alone please and go get a job as a caveman on the Geico Commercial