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From Stripper To Star: 10 Celebrities Who Started Out Stripping



Before Eve was the lady of Ruff Ryders, she was the lady in 6 inch heels working at your local strip club.

Not shy of speaking about the past job, Eve has explained how stripping has actually helped her.

“Come on. That was a hustle, too; there’s a song about it on my album, ‘Heaven Only Knows.’ But I don’t regret it—I was 18 and confused, going through personal problems. I did it for about a month, and I was glad I did it. It helped me find Eve, helped me get serious. It was depressing.”

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  • LIZ

    Some surprises there (at least for me!) But Octomom needs to take herself back to the pole being that shes about to lose everything!

  • kalifa

    octomom’s gut and maliah’s butt/legs are equally disgusting

  • maru-chan


    Those are the realest women on this list! Nadya has had 14 damn kids, her stomach should be touching her knees by now. She looks good dammit!
    And Maliah is a stone cold FOX. Those hips/thighs and that booty is the definition of thickness. She’s proportionate like a muh fugga, mah gawd. My booty is as big as hers but my waist is 27in and boobs are 36D. I widh I was as tall as her, my ish would be on point!!!!

  • maru-chan


  • getda$#@%out

    c’mon black people … enough with this Shyte… Maliah is FAT – a cute round booty is one thing … literally having a horse’s @ss is another… the Beyotch need to join a gym if she gonna be flashing her @ss about

  • Jo

    Renee Zelwigger – How can you be a cocktail waitress in a strip club but they “supposedly” kept their clothes on because it was a classier club. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

  • A

    shiyt yal only got 1/4 of the industry it was way more than that

  • A

    oh and maliah look hella good yal trippin… i mean to have FAT A$$ n thick thighs with a flat stomach… im too short to to be that thick but if i cld pull it off i would…you gotta have something special down there to handle A$$ like that

  • !!!!!


  • !!!!!


  • Realfolk

    Maliah could GET IT! that’s a bad female…I imagine kat gives that genius, if u dig, and I’d like to learn….where Trina at???? Ida been thrown my rent at the baddest bi…

  • Realfolk

    Oh yea….. =) @ gagas cheeks

  • Jenna

    Octomom’s belly button is three inches long, telltale sign of a tummy tuck. By the way, no speculation involved. She told her tattoo artist that she had it done. Also, if you have the right software you can see the port of her lap band in her lower left abdomen.

  • Cookie

    Since when is a unemployed welfare mother of 14 test-tube babies she can’t afford and she has to beg the public for money to pay for her massive plastic surgery addiction a celebrity ???? WTF

  • Summer

    You forgot to add Trina> She worked at the Club in Miami…late 90s

  • Nik

    Maliah has a pretty face but her behind looks gross.

    • MrsMom

      I often find, females who either have no @$$ or flat, unshapely @$$e$, always criticize a BAD female! Well, Maliah looks great! That pose from behind is THA bizness, from a female, with a big juicy!!! LOL!!

  • ava

    Maliah fat?? lol JEALOUSY is a real bytch…. u girls need to pump that butt,work out, get pretty and Get on Maliah’s level..she’s FINE!! u sound like flat butt having,terribly thin or obese,bumps on your face with average faces and bodies…… stop being so envious,it is not cute!!

  • joeB

    Seems to me like most of these girls are STILL strippers – least the ones who haven’t graduated to prostitute!

  • VRenee

    To be honest Maliah’s butt looks real as in natural and these days that’s the least you can ask for even though most guys don’t care. I know for a fact though fellas if you like butts THAT big, then you have to deal with thighs that big A$$ well. If a girl has a swollen A$$ and skinny legs/ no hips then its not natural. That may not sound like a problem now, but what is that fake A$$ gonna look like when the saline is absorbed and gone and you have droopy butt skin with no meat or fat under it? ugghh nasty 🙁 I’m about to become a plastic surgeon cause all these strippers and video girls will be flocking to the docs office to get reconstructive surgery in a couple years, they gonna call it a butt tuck.

  • Analyse

    Maliah’s behind it the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while. Ugh YUUUUCK!

  • Butler

    It’s sad that people seem to revere body types rather than intelligence, depth of character, morals and personalities. The objectification of females will continue if articles like this are any indication.