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The 10 Most Stylish Men In Hip-Hop



Ye revolutionized Hip-Hop style when he dropped College Dropout and wore his signature Louis Vuitton backpacks and fitted jeans.
Since then he’s remained a style icon with his daring fashion trends from colorful blazers to custom made suits and accessories.

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  • Pharrell has a hit and miss style. And Souljah Boy? This list is kind of suspect…


  • Pamela


  • juliemango

    Kanye wins this one!!!

  • wowzers

    Honestly if soulja boy would stop with the silly azz saggin dude can actually be cold.the one that I have to disagree with is common.sorry ladies but he doesn’t wear anything that blows my mind.the one time he did take a risk was when he was with erykah badu and that was a disaster

  • mspeach

    I know Andre 3000 should be on here but second to kanye and pharrell those 2 are far more fashionable than him

  • Jay

    I would say Kanye does deserve to be on the list as well as Common, TI borderline though. Fab doesn’t do anything original he wears clothes you would expect a dude from the hood to wear. Also Jay Z his style is “over the hill trying to hard” Puffy “I want to try and be the rat pack of one, oh I want to dress like I am from the hood also.” The rest aren’t even worth mentining.

  • Brooklyn

    kanye pharell puff er;ybody else FOH

  • well then

    Yea T.I and Pharrell…and everybody else was whomp whomp

  • Kayleezy

    Is this a damn joke?

  • VMBrooklyn

    Question: what the hell is soulja boy doing on this list…. His outfit always got too much going on and u can see from three blocks down which designer he is wearing…. Sorry this “list” lost credibility with that one

  • shonda jones

    My opinion the style list was ok…soulja boy saggs to much tht takes away…t.i. that was a nice get up Iv seen worse..luda i like the way he dresses…Common i like the way he dresses….Andre3000 i dont think that he should have made it even though i love him to death…Jay Z loves his swag…Fab I like the way he dresses real simple cute….pherelle IDK about that one..Kanya loves is style its just suspect…him and diddy…you can really tell tht they are into fashion..but what gay person isnt

  • grendy

    Luda & T.I 1st and Kanye and Fabulous 2nd they should have had mario

  • Al-B

    Souljah Bit@h????? WTF???

  • Soulja boy, really?

  • Lalababy

    I agree with jay,common, and 3stacks is on point